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The Almond Cat Eye VS The Round Cat Eye

It’s all about the liner this season, with minimal shadow, berry lips and cheeks, and the cat eye being the hot trend in the makeup world. However, many ladies struggle to create an almond shaped cat eye. In this post, you will learn how to get an almond shaped cat eye without over doing the liner for a super retro, yet classic look.

The Retro Cat Eye

Utensils: Mac Waterproof Mascara, Adel Amor Cosmetics Shadow Liner Brush, Adel Amor Cosmetics Luxe Mahogany Gel Liner, Christian Dior Shadow Brush, Mac Beige Matte Shadow

1. With the Dior shadow brush and a matte neutral shadow, such as a Mac beige matte shadow, apply the eye shadow from lid to underneath the brow.

2. Starting from the outside of the eye, use the shadow liner brush and gel liner to create a point just above the outer edge of the eye.
3. From the point that you have created on the outer corner of the eye, drag the shadow liner brush in towards the center of the lid fading the line to a stoping point at the center of the lid. This creates a more almond cat eye vs a round cat eye.
4. Finish the look off with a waterproof mascara.
Now get that sassy, cat eye going!
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Cover Image- Memphis Bombshells
Post Images – Yen Studios


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