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We spend so much of our lives in our beds, so it makes sense to enjoy every minute of it. I recently tried Purple sheets to help enhance the comfort of my mattress and I absolutely fell in love! In this post, I will share how Purple sheets work to enhance your mattress for optimal sleep!

Did you know that your mattress moves to adapt to your body? That’s why your new mattress gets more cozy the more you sleep in it, the only problem is that most sheet sets do not adapt with your mattress which can ultimately take from the overall comfort of your mattress and hinder sleep.

Normal sheets pull taut across the top of your mattress, preventing your body from feeling its full cradling support. Purple sheets all include some stretch so you, your sheets, and the Purple Grid can adjust together. Purple sheet sets are uniquely designed to stretch with your movements, allowing you to experience the full comfort and support of your bed.

I love how breathable these sheets are and love even more how they never pop off the bed. My husband and I are toss and turners which means that we often wake up to our sheets raveled and piled up in the bed. The Purple fitted sheet has a heavy duty elastic band and extra fabric to help keep our sheets in place through the night!

Also, sheets that don’t stretch block your hips and shoulders from being cradled by your mattress the way they need to. Stretchy sheets let you feel the true comfort by letting your hips and shoulders sink into the Purple Grid on the Purple Mattress, which in turn increases the proper back support you need.

Are you ready for a more restful sleep? Check out Purple Sheets!

Want some great room accessories to compliment your new sheets? I love lighting decorative candles an hour before crawling into bed with a great designer book, and my favorite pair of cozy socks!

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