The Best Christmas Gift for Mom

As a mother, I can confirm that a watercolor painting of your child will be one of your most prized possessions. Two years ago when Jack was just 3 years old Debbie Likely Pacheco, local Memphis artist, painted a portrait of him. It is by far the most beautiful and cherished item in my home.


Debbie Likley Pacheco is a southern-based artist. While travel to major cities has influenced the scenery of her paintings, she is interested in telling the stories of the people that populate her portraits—looking into the lives and narratives of those passing individuals and fleeting moments she has captured on film and communicated through her art. Pacheco began her education in art at a young age, having been taught by her father. She continued to study and paint throughout college and while working in advertising as an Art Director. In 2003, she began painting and exhibiting full time.

mimi watercolor.png

If you want to give the mom in your life one of the best gifts she will ever own, commission Debbie Likely Pacheco for a truly remarkable work of art. I recommend gifting the package to mom on Christmas so that she can choose her favorite photo for Debbie to work off of. Debbie can complete a 16 x 20 piece in roughly 2-4 weeks. Her rate is normally $500 but if you mention that you are a City Chic Living reader she will discount to $399. In my post, Mom’s Most Cherished Gift, you will find more  information on choosing the photo that you would like to be painted.

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