The Best Gifts To Give People Who Have Everything
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The Best Gifts To Give People Who Have Everything

Unfortunately, most of us have at least one person in our life that’s nearly impossible to buy gifts for. If you can relate to this, you may be searching for simple and easy gift ideas that are meaningful and well thought out. You shouldn’t give the same gift to everyone in your life. However, it can’t hurt to keep a list of the best gifts to give people who have everything for later.

Instant Photo Printer

Almost everyone has photos on their phone, and a pocket-sized printer is a perfect way to turn them into tangible prints. An instant photo printer connects to your phone through Bluetooth and prints photos of 2 x 3 inches with a peelable backing that transforms your favorite pictures into a sticker. This is an excellent gift for anyone interested in scrapbooking or journaling.


Chocolate is the perfect gift for almost anyone, and it’s relatively easy to get your hands on all year round. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc., you can’t go wrong with a variety box of chocolate. Everyone has their chocolate preferences, but it’s usually pretty easy to determine whether they like dark, milk, or white chocolate.

Pro Tip

Support a local chocolate shop to get fresh chocolate rather than purchasing a box from a big brand at the grocery store.

A Plant or Tree Starter

Although this may seem like an odd gift, many plants and trees may last a lifetime. Whether the person likes gorgeous blossoms, fruit, or vegetables, you can find a plant or tree to give them. If you’re looking for something unique for a special occasion suitable for a forever gift, look no further; plants and tree starters are excellent gifts for someone who has everything.

A Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscriptions come in many different forms, making them the perfect gift for just about anyone. Whether they like beef jerky, popcorn, makeup, cookie dough, etc., you can find a subscription that sends them a new product each month for a year. While less common, monthly subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving!

Although giving gifts should be enjoyable, that’s certainly not always the case. In fact, we all have at least one person in our lives that’s painfully difficult to buy for. Hopefully, the best gifts for people who have everything will save you from dreadful gift-giving—especially as the holiday season approaches.

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