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The New Skin Food

After browsing the isles of Sephora for the perfect new skincare product I was overwhelmed by the amounts of skincare oils available. “Is this the new break through in skincare?”, I asked myself. So of course, as an avid fashion and beauty blogger, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t snag on to report!

I began grabbing every facial oil on the Sephora shelves so that I could line them up for the ultimate process of elimination. I knew that I did not want something too concentrated for fear of an oily outcome but I did want a treatment strong enough to combat early signs of aging. I decided on NUDE’s rescue oil.

“This featherweight formula features bakuchiol, nature’s answer to retinol, without the negative side effects. It helps repair and refine texture for satin, flawless skin. Purifying coleus root and organic rosemary extracts work to clarify the complexion and antioxidant-rich ingredients provide environmental protection, making this a true lifesaver for your skin. Vegan.” – Product Description

I read the active ingredients in NUDE’s rescue oil. The natural but potent ingredients were a huge selling point for me as I am currently reading the “Clean Diet” in which it talks about going back to au natural when it comes to diet, medicine, and skincare treatments.

After further investigation, I learned about the experiment outcomes of the product and I was SOLD!
Upon checking out, I learned that I had enough points for a Beauty Insider sample gift. And I am so grateful that I chose Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Peel.

Allure magazine says facial oils are more absorbent and moisturizing than a typical cream or lotion moisturizer.  After using both products once, I received so many compliments that my skin was glowing and looked so healthy. The oil absorbed quickly without a trace of residue and smelled AMAZING! On day two, I decided to hold off on the peel treatment as I didn’t want to overdo it but I did use the NUDE Repair Oil. On day three, I repeated the regimen of using the peel and then the oil. WOW! My skin looked fabulous. I have one more peel left so I need to hurry to Sephora to purchase the peel product to use with my new fabulous facial oil. This is by far my favorite beauty product recommendation of the year!



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