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I am super excited to announce that I have officially created courses that coincide with my book, The Unconventional Entrepreneur. In these courses, I am sharing exclusive branding strategies, pricing structure activities, transparent stories on my successes and failures, brainstorming exercises, printables, and so much more! By the time you have completed all The UE Academy has to offer, you will be ready to launch a successful business and live the work-life dream. Get all the course details here!

COURSE: Prepping to Become Your Own Boss
(free course)

Taking the first step to pursue your dream business and become your own boss is super exciting, yet along with those feelings of excitement, most aspiring entrepreneurs report feelings of fear and uncertainty about financial failure, instability, and routine change. If you can relate, you have something in common with every successful entrepreneur who has gone before you but rest assured, the entrepreneur life is totally worth it! In this course, I am going to help you silence your inner critic and overcome fear with her tips that will prep you to become your own boss. This one is a little freebie I have created to help you get in the mindset and encourage those creative juices to flow so that you are fully ready for the Starting a Successful Business course.

COURSE: Starting a Successful Business

The “Starting a Successful Business” course is designed to take you from idea to launch phase in 6 weeks. The Starting a Successful Business course has 6 sections:

    Take the 8 Elements Questionnaire to reveal your innate characteristics and discover your gifts
    Complete brainstorming activities which will help you to develop or strengthen any entrepreneurial skills that you could use a little brushing up on
    Print and work through the brand guide workbook with guided videos to help you get the creative juices going
    Learn the 4 Senses Strategy, how to strengthen your brand through partnerships, and audience growth strategies
    Develop your business website
    Learn how to blog for SEO and audience growth
    Deep dive into social platforms and success strategies
    Learn all about the Omnichannel and how to implement this strategy in your business
    Activities to establish your target market
    Generate social advertisements that convert
    Designing your email platform and lead generating campaigns
    Developing a successful launch campaign
    Creating a press release
    Building a press list
    Activities to help you determine your monetary worth

This course has it all. I will equip you with videos, worksheets, guides, activities, and resources I have personally used to cultivate my brand which is now my full-time job. I can truly say that I am working with passion and living the work-life dream!

Hi! I'm Alexandra

I am an entrepreneur, author, and mom of 3 from Memphis, Tennessee. I fill my days pursuing the dream of being my own boss as a full time influencer and sensory marketing specialist while spending my evenings playing superheros, helping with homework, making dinner, and tucking in my littles.

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