Things You Can Create and Sell Through Etsy

Small crafting businesses excel on platforms like Etsy—you can create a lucrative side hustle or a booming business by making things from scratch. These are the best things you can create and sell through Etsy to make a considerable profit.

Phone Cases

Phone cases do well on Etsy because everyone needs one, and they offer a lot of creative potential. Invest in a desktop 3D printer and use resins or filaments to create cases that are as strong as they are beautiful.

Make your phone case business more profitable by offering personalizations. Give customers the option to add their names, favorite quotes, and personal images. You could also 3D print charms and other phone accessories for more product variety.

Vinyl Stickers

People love decorating their car windows, laptops, water bottles, and walls with unique stickers. That’s why vinyl stickers are some of the most popular products you can create and sell through Etsy. Initial investments for this type of business include:

Once again, customization is the name of the game; personalized monograms sell like hotcakes on Etsy. You could also create vinyl stickers with popular song lyrics, quotes, and memes for people to use on their favorite items.

Virtual Planners

The “that girl” aesthetic has taken over social media and continues to be a popular trend. What do these influencers have in common besides surrounding themselves with neutral tones and performing extensive morning routines? An efficient planning system.

Virtual planners perform well because they’re cost-effective and allow people to use their cool tech devices. Design different versions and sell them as downloadable PDFs. Sell fun styluses and offer customizations to help people get their lives in order.

Pet Items

You can’t forget about everyone’s best friends. Fun pet items never go out of style, making them great products to make and sell on Etsy. Personalized tags, collars, leashes, and harnesses allow pet owners to spoil their furry friends.

Don’t stop at pet-specific items. Allow customers to submit photos of their pets and create customized apparel. T-shirts, socks, and blankets with their dogs’ faces make excellent gifts, which means they’re perfect items to sell around the holidays.

With an Etsy storefront, the possibilities for creating and selling are endless! Now, you can be your own boss, set your own schedule, and enjoy a professional career that lets your creativity shine.

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