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Thrift store crafts and home finds are my most cherished decor items not only because they have a history to them that I get to adopt into my home, but because they often turn out to be one of a kind conversational pieces. I love perusing estate sales, thrift stores, and second hand shops on a Sunday afternoon in search for treasures to call my own! In this post, I will cover a few of my favorite finds and thrifted DIY home decor projects.


In the two photos above, I have showcased a few items that I found at antique stores and second hand shops. The brass pitcher was only $80 and as you can see, needed some restoration work. The hand painted decorative plate was $5 and the Tibetan lock and key was $50. When I saw each of these pieces I absolutely fell in love! I felt drawn to these items and knew I could find the perfect place for each treasure.


Simple Floral Accent

My go to thrifted home decor project for a quick, small area accent is a simple flower arrangement in an antique vessel. I found this lovely little dented brass pitcher at Antique Warehouse in Memphis, TN for only $8. The dents and corrosion certainly did not turn me off. I knew I could use Tarnex to brighten the metal and I cherished the dents as they are part of the pitcher’s history. I went to Michaels Craft Store to pick some neutral foliage that would match my dining room and I began to design! (Check out the after picture below to see how nicely the brass cleaned up.) I put the new arrangement on my dining room buffet next to a 1960’s Bavarian tea set I found at an estate sale last year for only $20!


One of a Kind China

I come across hand-painted china at antique stores all the time. These items are special as they are one of a kind masterpieces that were crafted with love by a person opposed to a manufacturing line.  I have been searching for a plate that matched my peacock colored parlor for a special little thrifted home decor project. I found this beautiful hand-painted plate at Antique Warehouse in Memphis, TN for $5. I gorilla glued string on to the back of the plate so that it could be hung on my wall with a few other very special pieces. I love how the plate made the perfect accent to some of my vintage family photos and my most favorite oyster artwork piece. (Click here to learn how to make oyster art.)

Ornate Locks

I have always been drawn to locks. Every door in my home has skeleton key locks and I love a great lock decor piece when I find one. This Tibetan lock was in a New Orleans second hand store and I just knew it needed to come home with me! Hanging a beautiful lock on a china or curio cabinet really enhances the furniture piece by adding an antique flare.


I would love to hear about your favorite Thrifted Home Decor DIY projects in the comments below. If you would like to share my favorites with your friends, feel free to pin the “pin-able” image below!

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