Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Landscape lighting allows you to update the exterior of your home and elevate its overall appearance. However, there are some vital things to consider before installing your new landscape lights. Here are tips for choosing the right landscape lighting for your home.

Consider Your Needs

First and foremost, you should consider your needs before selecting the perfect landscape lighting for your home. Before you can choose the correct lighting, you’ll need to determine what the purpose of your lighting is. For example, you may want to enhance your landscape, highlight architectural features of your home, or improve safety with lighting. Determine the primary function of your lighting first so that you can start searching for the best lighting systems to meet those needs.

Consider Lighting Type

Once you know the purpose of your lighting system, you can select the appropriate types of lights to install. Lighting type is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for landscape lighting. There are several different types, styles, and sizes of landscape lights to choose from.

The most common options on the market include bollard lights, step lights, garden lights, spotlights, uplights, downlights, string lights, and floodlights—all of which benefit your space in different ways. If you want to elevate your landscaping, garden lights are the best option. If you wish to enhance your paths and walkways, bollard lights and step lights are great choices. Meanwhile, floodlights are an ideal option if you want to upgrade your home’s safety features.

Consider Placement

Next, you’ll want to consider the placement of your landscape lighting. Once you determine your outdoor lighting system’s main function and the type of lighting you want to use, you can select the proper placement for your lights. Placing your lights throughout a garden can enhance the appearance of bushes and foliage. Angling lights toward building features you want to accentuate can draw a viewer’s eye toward these elements. Finally, if you’re looking to improve safety and security, it’s best to place lights near entryways, doors, and garages to deter unwanted visitors.

Now that you know what to consider when choosing landscape lighting, you can begin the process today. The more you plan and prepare in advance, the better your lighting system will look in the long run.

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