Tips for Staying Comfortable Year-Round in Your Home

Your home is where you should feel at peace. Unfortunately, clutter and temperature changes can disrupt that peace. Let’s review some tips for staying comfortable in your home year-round.

Eliminate Clutter

When you walk through your doors after a long day, you want to feel welcomed and comfortable. However, clutter and mess can easily get in the way and cause stress. While you should surround yourself with things that bring you joy and comfort, minimizing clutter can help your home feel more comfortable.

You can reduce clutter by throwing things away that lasted past their use or no longer serve their function. However, you can also donate lightly used clothing and items to those in need, guaranteeing their use outside your home. It’s a great way to give you peace of mind and reduce the chance of dust accumulation.

Limit Sunlight

Did you know that curtain-drawn windows can increase the temperature in your home? It’s especially true in the summer, resulting in homeowners relying on their air conditioners to keep themselves cool. However, limiting sunlight through your windows is an easy way to keep your home cool while the weather’s warm. I love my heavy velvet curtains for keeping out the heat from the large windows in our home.

The Blackout Curtains I Use in my Home

The more sunlight you let in, the harder your air conditioning unit needs to work to cool your home. Limiting sunlight in your home can keep temperatures comfortable and lower your utility bill.

Eliminate Cold Drafts

Drafts are common in homes. Unfortunately, they can drastically change the temperature in your home, leaving you reliant on your heater or air conditioner. This increases your energy bill. By eliminating cold drafts in your home, you can stay comfortable year-round.

You can permanently repair cold drafts using sealant on air leaks and adding insulation. You can also improve draft windows by adding air sealant. You can save significantly on utility costs by caulking and applying sealant to drafty areas of your home.

Practice Good Thermostat Use

Practicing good thermostat control is essential when trying to stay comfortable in your home year-round. It’s especially important for managing your budget and not spending too much on utility bills. Household air conditioners and heating systems can use up to 3000 kilowatt-hours yearly, increasing utility bill prices.

My Smart Thermostat

Instead of keeping your home at 72 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, adjusting it to 76 can cut your utility bill significantly. It works simultaneously during winter; bundling up with a hot beverage and adding an additional layer or two can reduce utility costs.

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