Tips To Build a More Inclusive Clothing Business

The fashion industry can be difficult to navigate for certain customers. If you want to create a more welcoming environment for everyone visiting your clothing business, you need to promote inclusivity and diversity in your branding. Here are some tips that you can use to help build a more inclusive clothing business.

Be More Diverse in Your Marketing

The first step to building an inclusive business is to diversify your marketing. The vast majority of shoppers aren’t going to have the same build as the runway models that market new clothing. If your customers don’t see themselves in your brand’s marketing, it can be more difficult for them to connect with your brand and the clothing it offers. Fortunately, we’re seeing a growing number of clothing retailers and manufacturers using more diverse models in their marketing. Channel this practice into your own business when you send out product catalogs, emails, promotions and sales advertisements, and more.

Offer a Wider Range of Sizes

Obviously, your clothing brand needs to reflect its models and carry the range of sizes your marketing suggests. When considering which sizes to get when ordering wholesale hats and other clothing accessories, it’s important to start with a wide range. Many plus-size shoppers have difficulty finding clothing and accessories that fit their body types. Remember to consider shoppers across the entire sizing spectrum when ordering products for your clothing store or website. Consider your audience’s age group too. If you have younger shoppers or families in your audience, you may want to order a range of children’s sizes and accessories.

Keep the Momentum Going

Being more inclusive isn’t a trend that comes and goes with the seasons. If you want to create a welcoming space for everyone in your audience, you’ll need to make inclusivity a part of your long-term marketing plan. Don’t simply launch one or two inclusivity campaigns per year—try to incorporate inclusive models, sizes, languages, and more into your year-long marketing campaigns. This commitment will help you attract new customers and encourage positive changes in your local fashion community.

Now that you know how to build a more inclusive clothing business, you can practice these tips to create a more welcoming environment for future customers. Remember to stay authentic so that your efforts to become more inclusive don’t come off as a marketing scheme to increase sales.

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