Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

Wanting to do our best to protect our loved ones and our belongings is only natural. Security systems and alarms are nothing new, and have been used to alert us to the presence of criminals for centuries. In fact, the first patent for an anti-burglar alarm system was filed in 1853. However, modern devices now offer much greater peace of mind thanks to the ongoing development of technological features.

Most burglaries are committed by opportunists who scope out neighborhoods for homes that look dark or empty. It’s common for burglars to be on the lookout for properties with easy access to a backyard. They’ll also look out for open windows and unlocked doors. Thankfully, there are several ways you can reduce your chances of becoming a burglary victim!



Lock your doors

OK, so this seems like a given right? You would be surprised at how many times I have been in a hurry to find that I forgot to lock the door. One solution is a smart lock that can be controlled and monitored from your phone. Technology these days!

If a smart home option is out of the equation, you can follow these few simple steps.

  • When leaving your property, lock each door and remove the key from the doors prior to leaving. This limits the amount of entry/escape routes a potential burglar will have.
  • Lock all doors even when you are home. I have gotten into the habit of keeping doors locked even when I am at home.
  • For additional security, you should consider a padlock for your backyard gate.
  • Always watch out for signs of break-in attempts such as unexplained scratches on your door knob. Learn about lock picking tools and how to use them, so you know how to guard against them.

Consider the lighting in your home

Leaving low-energy lights on around the house can help to deter would-be burglars, as they give the impression that somebody is still at home during the early morning hours. You might also want to consider security lighting to cover the outside of your house. With security lighting, a sensor detects when a person is approaching your property and activates a light, illuminating the intruder for all to see. I even like the security light for when I am taking out the trash at night. It is bright enough to light my driveway and expose anyone who may be hidden. It also gives light for my outdoor cameras to better view a perpetrator. 


Keep your possessions in a safe place

Any valuables, cash, jewelry or passports should be locked away in a safe. Likewise, spare keys should be hidden away to prevent them from being stolen. Some criminals have been known to use coat hangers as “hooks” to steal precariously placed keys (on a table near a window, for example) so keep your keys out of sight and in a safe place!

You might also want to consider keeping outdoor possessions locked away, too. Items such as step ladders can potentially be used to enter the home via windows or gates, and gardening or DIY tools (hammers, shovels, crowbars) could be used to gain entry to your home by force. Be sure to store all of your hardware and garden supplies in a locked storage unit or shed when not in use.

Choose an up to date alarm system

Did you know that even the sight of an installed alarm system could help to deter criminals? Modern alarm systems don’t need to be expensive and can be connected via WiFi to your smartphone, enabling you to monitor audio and visuals from your home in real-time. You’ll also be able to receive notifications to your phone in the event of your security system or camera picking up movement on your property. When purchasing a security system, you’ll want to consider whether it covers multiple entry points, has good battery life (if required), and can clearly pick up movement in the dark (via infra-red cameras, for example).


I hope these 4 simple tips will have you thinking of innovative ways to secure your home and family!

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