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Tribute to Our Nation: The American Beauty Movement

Happy Birthday America! As a tribute to our country, I partnered with Click Magazine and it’s list of prestigious boutiques for a fashion tribute to our country, The American Beauty Movement.

Shirt & Vest Kata & Janes / Headband Pink Coconut / Necklace Janie Rose Boutique
Shirt Janie Rose Boutique / Pants Center Stage Fashions / Scarf & Shoes Sugar Plum Consignments / Necklace & Bracelets Blue Olive Shop

“She is brave. She is free spirited. She is the American Woman.”

Shirt &Vest Paisley Pineapple / Pants & Sunglasses Kata & Janes / Shoes & Earrings Blue Olive Shop / Necklace Janie Rose Boutique / Necklace The Frock
Shirt The Bunker / Pants Sugar Plum Consignments / Tank Cynthia’s Boutique / Shoes & Purse Pink Coconut / Necklace Paisley Pineapple / Bracelets & Headband The Ivory Closet / Earrings Kata & Janes
Shirt & Pants The Attic / Shoes, Sunglasses, & Purse Pink Coconut / Bracelets Sugar Plum Consignments / Earrings Cynthia’s Boutique / Necklace The Frock

Dress The Frock / Hat & Earrings Kata & Janes / Necklaces Janie Rose Boutique / Bracelet Sugar Plum Consignments
Shirt Kata & Janes / Lace Tank Pink Coconut / Jeans  Ivory Closet / Bracelets Kata & Janes / Necklace The Frock

Shirt The Bunker / Shorts & Sunglasses Pink Coconut / Necklace Sugar Plum Consignments / Bracelets Paisley Pineapple / Earrings The Attic
Photos By: Yen Studios
Makeup and Style: Alexandra Nicole
Hair: Marcie Seccombe
Fashion Shoot: Click Magazine

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