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Ultimate Yum Yum and Daily Healthy Eating Too

OK…so let me just start by saying, healthy= fabulous taste…WHAT!?!
Rick McKracken has it going on with his new business, Ultimate Foods! I received a sample of his daily yummyful goodness today and I am 100% on board! Ultimate Foods has several different healthy eating diet programs  available for both men and women who want to eat real, non-preservative foods that will 100% satisfy your completely healthy lifestyle. Tonight I tried the turkey bacon wrapped salmon and asparagus, as well as the ground turkey tacos. I have never experienced healthy food that taste’s so scrumptious! 

I loved that each dish tells you the amount of calorie intake and better yet, (for all you folks, like me, who can burn a piece of bread) how to prepare it! Even more awesome, the preparation is minimal as it only takes your hand putting it in the microwave. Ah, yes, most microwave food is not healthy, but these dishes are the ultimate health. Rick and his crew make their dishes every Sunday and deliver a weekly regimen straight to your home! I have tried only a few of their wide variety of dishes and I already know, I will be signing up next week! 
(Caprese Shrimp Salad- this is Y-U-M, YUM)
They have many different programs for all body types and workout regimens. From the person who wants to cut back on calories, to the heavy lifter who  needs lots of yummy grub to support their muscle groups, Ultimate Foods has it ALL! Loving this and deeming it a MUST-HAVE!
UPDATE: Received my first shipment! I had the 
“Taking Care of Breakfast” this morning and it was DELISH!   

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