Unique Mother’s Day Watercolors

Some of the most cherished items I own are watercolor portraits from Debbie Likely Pacheco of my boys. Everytime I walk past them in my hallway, I stop and take a moment with them. 100% of the time my heart warms and a smile creeps up on my face. If you are looking for the most perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom, check out Debbie’s work in this post.

Debbie Likley Pacheco is a Memphis-based artist however she has traveled the world. While traveling to worldly cities Debbie has been influenced by the telling of other’s stories —looking into the lives and narratives of those passing individuals and fleeting moments she has captured on film and communicated through her art. While she has many genres of art and works with many different mediums, her watercolor children’s portraits and fairytale illustrations are the most precious

Pacheco began her education in art at a young age, having been taught by her father. She continued to study and paint throughout college and while working in advertising as an Art Director however since 2003, Debbie has been painting and exhibiting full time.

If you are interested in commissioning Debbie for a watercolor Mother’s Day gift, you don’t have to be local. She can create the perfect masterpiece with just a photograph. Check out the photo I sent to her of Jack below.

Her talent is impeccable! As you can see, Jack had a dark grey shirt on in the original photo, however that color was not asthetically pleasing with my home decor so she was able to change it up to match my design style.

As I mentioned above, Debbie also creates watercolor fairytale art and these super unique wooden chairs to match!

If you would like to own a one of a kind piece from Debbie Likely Pacheco, you can contact her through her website for a complimentary consultation! For my fellow mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!

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