Use These Tips to Have a Sparkling Clean Home

After a long day, walking into a tidy home is rewarding and relaxing. Sometimes after cleaning extensive areas like vacuuming the floors and wiping counters, it still feels like there is more to clean. Having a spotless home means paying attention to little details often forgotten. You also want to ensure you maintain it throughout the week so it doesn’t get out of hand. 

With strategic, quick cleaning and attention to detail, your home will always be spotless. Use these tips to have a sparkling clean home. 

Assign a Room to Week Day

When you think about cleaning, tackling the entire house can seem daunting. You might start and give up halfway through, leaving your home susceptible to getting completely messy again. If you push through one full day of cleaning, you can assign a room to be cleaned each day to keep up with it. 

Staying organized mentally is the first battle when cleaning. If you pressure yourself every Sunday to deep clean your whole home spreading it out to 10 minutes for each room a day should take some of the pressure off your shoulders. Each task will feel less monumental and if you keep up with it, you will never have to face long weekly cleaning tasks. Finding ways to have less stress in your life will be helpful for you and your home. 

Clean the Little Things 

As you start cleaning the house, you quickly have a list of obvious things to do, like vacuuming and doing the dishes. Sometimes minor aspects of the house get overlooked but make a huge difference when taken care of. 

Areas like doorknobs, lightswitches and pulls get touched all the time. They are typically not on the to-do list but are fixtures that get grimy quicker than others. Everyone’s hands are on them and can create hotspots for germs. Touching anything can spread germs, so wiping these surfaces with disinfectant products will kill most of the germs on the surface. Polishing up little things like this will add a slight sparkle to your home. 

Don’t Forget Ceiling Fans 

When something is out of sight, it is out of mind. We look down when cleaning, but there is a lot to cover when looking up. If you keep your ceiling fan constantly running, you might not even notice the amount of dust accumulating on it. Your fan’s blades can get dusty fast since they continually stir around particles in the air. You should dust them weekly to keep the dust from building up. 

When cleaning your fan, take precautions so you don’t get your floor dirty. Put an old sheet down on the floor to protect it from the dust that floats to the floor. Wipe off the gunk with a damp microfiber cloth, then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Don’t forget to address light coverings while you are up there. 

Multitask Your Cleaning

When you set aside short periods to clean each day, you can get more in than you think. You can do some chores simultaneously instead of wasting time in between. Let’s say you loaded the dishwasher and have an hour till it’s done to unload it. In the meantime, you can organize your pantry and clean your fridge. 

If you want to get the most out of your time, pair cleaning with other daily tasks. When you shower, bring in a sponge and cleaner to scrub the walls or sides of your tub. It will add a couple of minutes to your shower, but it will turn out clean when you’re done. 

Clean Interiors 

Wiping down the exteriors of toasters and other appliances is easy since you can see how dirty they are on the outside. Although you don’t look inside your appliances often, having the inside sparkle ensures you are taking care of them. It will also help make your clothes smell their best, the dishes sparkle and food cooks effortlessly. 

Clean appliances work better and run more efficiently. To ensure you clean the inside of appliances correctly, check the manufacturer’s directions. It is best to clean them monthly. Sometimes there are settings for self-cleaning or products made specifically for the interior. Ensure you take care of everything from a water filter to your oven to have the best results for a spotless home. 

Don’t Underestimate Tidying Up 

Simple tidying tasks throughout the day are a way to cut down on cleaning time. Spend a few minutes putting away things that got left out and you will notice a big difference in your space. 

Miscellaneous objects get out of place and can easily be returned to their spot. Plus, cleaning goes a lot smoother when other things are put away in the first place. 

Get Started Cleaning Your Home

There is no time like the present. Start planning out how you will tackle keeping your home clean. Creating a plan that works best with your schedule will ensure the success of your clean house.      

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