Ways To Attract New Customers to Your Bookstore

As time progresses, society gradually moves away from printed books to digital or audiobooks—but the culture of reading lives on. People will still visit the bookstore to find books on any topic, from cooking to dinosaurs to fictional stories. However, expanding your customer base can be tricky for brick-and-mortar locations. Offering convenience and excellent customer service will help solve this problem. Here are a few ways to attract new customers to your bookstore.

Organize Community Events

Bookshops should partner with other literary fans and media lovers to host events that unite like-minded people. These events could include trivia nights, book club meetings, book signings, or author networking events. As people come to these events, they will familiarize themselves with you and your store—expanding your business’ brand awareness.

Make Shopping an Experience

Every bookstore has its own vibe—including the atmosphere, niche branding, and smell. You should create the ultimate customer experience to attract new customers to your bookstore. Having a signature scent, playing easy-going music, and offering impeccable service is the best way to grow your customer base. Customers will recognize your store for its knowledgeable team members and role as a safe space for literature enthusiasts.

While it might not seem important, having a bookstore that smells good adds to the shopping experience. Try matching the scents with the season, such as vanilla and mint scents for the winter or citrus and fresh aromas for the summer. People will remember your store and visit it more often if it has a pleasant smell.

Use Digital Marketing

Bookstores can use digital marketing to their advantage. By establishing a social media page or email newsletter, you can communicate with your existing customers and reach new customers. You’re able to reach a broader audience for upcoming events or discounts.

Tip: Offer exclusive discounts on your social media or email newsletter to make your marketing more effective. This step will help expand your brand awareness as well.

Create an Inviting Space

Bookstores are calm, inviting spaces to read, study, or browse. However, to attract more customers, you should make your space look more welcoming. Add neutral colors and wall art featuring popular films, television shows, or books.

You want this to be a hub for bookworms and media enthusiasts to co-exist. Adding decorative elements such as a chalkboard wall using chalk contact paper is also a fantastic way to create a cozy cover for people to doodle and socialize. By creating an inviting space, your customer will have a reason to stay in the store longer than anticipated.

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