Ways To Improve at Using Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are a common tool in a hairdresser’s tool kit, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to use. Many hairdressers need to spend time learning and improving their knowledge of using thinning shears. If you want to learn about some ways to improve at using thinning shears, we can help. Keep reading to get some helpful tips for using this popular tool.

Use the Proper Technique

Using the proper technique is the most important part of using thinning shears, so make sure you’re following the right procedures when you cut. Your problems with this tool may stem from not using them properly. Remember to use thinning shears only on dry hair and to cut downward, gliding the shears in a combing fashion. That is unless the hair is too short for that. With short hair, hold the hair up straight up from the root and cut along the established hair shape.

Keep the Shears Clean

Another reason you may struggle with your thinning shears is that they’re not clean enough for sleek cuts. You should clean your shears between each client to make sure you don’t spread germs, and occasionally deep clean them. To make sure you get in all the grooves on your thinning shears, use a cloth to rub in the cleaning agent. Make sure to rinse and fully dry them as well.

Don’t Overuse Them

Overusing your thinning shears can make them degrade faster and can weaken your client’s hair. Make sure that you use them only at the end of a cut to remove unwanted weight or bulkiness and never to style a cut. If your client already has thin hair, you may want to skip using thinning shears, as overuse can make thin hair even weaker and more brittle.

You can improve at using thinning shears by making sure you’re using the proper technique, regularly cleaning them, and not overusing them. If you need extra help, try to get hands-on practice and ask experienced hairdressers for demonstrations and extra guidance.

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