What Containers Should I Use for Meal Prepping?

I have recently gotten in to meal prepping lately and while most initially think about the healthy recipes they are going create when starting their meal prep journey, many fail to consider the best meal prep containers to keep their food fresh. In this post, I am going to share my favorite containers for meal prepping, as well as go over some questions you may have about meal-prep.

Lets jump right in with my meal prep container picks.

I love the finedine Airtight Food Storage Containers for so many reasons. This set comes with 20 containers, each complete with air tight lids. The 4-snap airtight locking lid paired with a silicone gasket keeps my food fresh, extends its shelf life, and is 100% leakproof to prevent messy leaks when transporting my lunch to work or school. Also, the raised wave channels allows air to flow between my food and the container which keeps the food from getting wet, soggy, or wilted. The durable polypropylene is microwave- , freezer- , and dishwasher-safe and is clear for easy visibility and food identification. You may be thinking, how can I store 20 containers? The containers nest inside each other for convenient space saving storage in kitchen cabinets and stack for efficient freezer storage and lunch bag packing! This is my absolute go to for affordable meal prep containers. This set also includes some larger containers. I use these for storing family meals such as spaghetti or chili to eat throughout the week.

finedine Airtight Food Storage Containers Benefits:

  • Freshness Extended
  • Leakproof
  • Encourages Air Circulation
  • Space Saving
  • Safe and Durable Materials

How Long Do Meal Prep Meals Last in the Fridge?

I asked myself this same question. After my first meal prepping session, I turned out 14 meals! I was so proud of myself but quickly realized that the food may go bad before I can eat it all. Meal prepped food is usually safe to eat between 3-5 days after being put in the fridge. I normally pull two meals (lunch and dinner) for 4 days, and then freeze the rest so my food doesn’t go to waste.

How Long Does Meal Prepping Take?

I am not the best cook, yet, therefore I choose easier meals. It takes me anywhere from 2-3 hours to get through 4 recipes which preps roughly 14 meals. While I am not an expert in the kitchen, I am an expert multitasker and therefore will have several recipes in the works at the same time.

Want to try these incredible food storage containers? You can click here to learn more about the finedine Airtight Food Container Set over on Amazon! Happy meal prepping!


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