What is the Difference in Xeomin & Botox?

Almost no one is a stranger to the brand Botox. You hear it on the mouths of stars, in popular shows, in the neighborhood lady’s groups, and even from some of your best friends. Botox has long been the leading brand for intensely treating fine lines and wrinkles, until Xeomin came on the scene. In this post, I will go over both neuromodulators, describe exactly what they do, and reveal how they differ.


What is a Neuromodulator?

Before I can begin to compare the two treatments, it is important that you actually know what a neuromodulator is. A neuromodulator is a tiny protein that interferes with synaptic transmissions in our nerve cells. The neuromodulator used in both Botox and Xeomin is Botulinum toxin type A disables certain nerve endings, depending on placement, which will change te way your face hangs, folds, and moves while making facial expressions.

While both Botox and Xeomin have been scientifically proven to provide equally pleasing results in most cases, the pricing and functionality of the two differ.


Why Botox?

Botox was the first widely marketed FDA approved Botulinum toxin type A that effectively reduced fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area including crows feet and frown lines between the eyebrows.

Why Xeomin?

Xeomin has the same active ingredient as Botox and is considered the most purest form of Botulinum toxin type A with no additives. It  does not need to be stored in a refrigerator or shipped with dry ice to keep it at the suggested temperature like Botox. This helps reduce the overall price of this injectable down to around $8.

  • Since it does not need to be refrigerated, it is less likely to be compromised so the risk of the treatment not working due to a bum dose is greatly reduced.
  • Less likely to get an allergic reaction of your body rejecting the formula since it has no additives.
  • Takes 3-4 days to get your final result
  • Lasts from 3 – 5 months
  • Costs less than Botox
  • Xeomin has a loyalty program called Xperience Program where you can get $50 OFF for becoming a member!


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  1. 1.17.19
    lngray82 said:

    I love my Botox but have always wondered about Xeomin. The price alone is enough to make me want to try it!

    • 2.3.19
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      I love that the Xeomin is more organic. Makes me feel a little safer with the procedure.

  2. 1.24.19
    Ashley said:

    I’m not sure how to sign up to win but I definitely want to enter! Love your blog!!!!

    • 1.24.19
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Try now!!! I think the form disappeared but I got it back up!!!