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What to Wear When You Are Expecting: In Between Sizes?

As a first time mother and super fashionista, I have found myself struggling with what to wear now that I am in between maternity clothes and my normal rags. After browsing the maternity fashion sites, two additional questions crossed my mind, do I need to change my personal fashion to be able to wear what is “hot” in the maternity world? And, am I going to go broke stocking my closet for the next 4 months? After talking with my fellow “female bumps” and doing a little research of my own, I have come up with a solution.

Problem #1: I love my style and don’t want to alter it for what has been identified as the trend in the maternity market.
Choose solid maternity clothing in your favorite color schemes. Not only will  you be able to dress it up or down for the occasion, but if you plan on going for another addition to the family in the future,  chances are, you will be able to more easily recycle this piece over a more “trendy” printed garment. Amanda has chosen a solid blue and a solid red maternity dress to add to her closet. 
(Solid Blue Maternity Dress: Motherhood Maternity)
(Solid Red Maternity Dress: Old Navy, Headscarf: Sugarplum Consignments, Jewelry: Versona)
Use accessories to add your own personal style to the piece. This will also help in taking your outfit from day to night.
(Jewelry: Versona)
Problem #2: I’m in-between my current closet and maternity clothes but I only have 4 months left and I don’t want to break the bank to keep my fashion.
After browsing the high ticket items in the maternity sections of many department stores and maternity boutiques and struggling with the justification of spending a pretty penny on items that I may only use for 4 months I started getting crafty with my fashion buys.
(Cotton/Spandex Dress: Target, One Size Leggings: The Ivory Closet, Jewelry: The Attic)
There is A LOT of one size fits all right now in the market. I started stocking up on these versatile key times as they will come in handy before and after pregnancy and not to mention, they are SUPER comfortable.  Also, Spandex and Lycra blend layering dresses are great, inexpensive items to add to your fashion portfolio as they look great pre- and post- baby!
(Tank: Ellen Anchor Reversible Tank, Palazzo Pants: The Ivory Closet, Straw Bag: Sugarplum Consignments)
Coobie Bra- A “claspless” cotton bra built for comfort.
Ellen Anchor Tank- This reversible tank can be worn as a scoop neck or a v-neck. It is also long so it looks great layered. **This is my own personal brand 🙂
Leggings- The capri style, like the ones I am wearing in the photo above, are great for summer as they are a solid but breathable material. You can also find these leggings with a fleece lining for the colder months.
Meet Amanda Jordan. We go way back to the high school student council days, and it just so happens, our due date is only 2 days apart! She is having a little girl and I am having a little boy…perhaps our “bumps will be “budding best friends”? Amanda is a fellow fashionista with a bold, edgy style. 

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