Which Fashion Market Should You Attend?

So I just got back from Atlanta’s off season fashion market and boy was it different from Magic in Vegas! If you own a shop and can’t decide which market to attend, here are my comparisons.

We usually just go to Vegas market but Magic’s market schedule this year was a little off for us. We had something going on in February and well…I will be a week away from my due date for August market. I was desperate to get a market trip in before baby number two so I could have my buying checked off the list until came back to work.

I decided that I would attend Atlanta’s off-season June market so that I could get pre-fall and pickup on my immediates as well, which should hold me over until their second off-season October market. I must admit, I have never been to the market in Atlanta as I am usually a go big or go home kind of girl with Magic being the biggest in the world, but I was pleasantly surprised and because of my experience, decided I may alter my buying strategy a bit in the future.

Off Market Atlanta PROS & CONS

  • Lot’s of very popular vendors but during the off season markets, there are not a lot of shoppers. It is much easier to do business and work without floods of other shoppers.
  • Vendors are more willing to do big deals on their immediates since they are already half way through their season. I was able to get a whopping 30% off from one of my best vendors!
  • There is very very little to purchase past the current month and two months out. I did get some items for Sept. and Oct. but it was very limited. In June, a lot of brands are still finalizing their fall line up and it is hard to buy all the way out to winter season. Some of the vendors are willing to hold for you but they require a deposit or you must have a good historical purchasing record with them.
  • Not a lot of extra events going on. In Vegas, there are events every hour it seems like. It is a lot of fun but to be honest, I am normally too busy trying to squeeze everything in that I don’t get to attend all of them.
  • Smaller than Magic so you can get more done. There are TWO convention centers of vendors in Vegas…IMPOSSIBLE to do in 3 days. I always leave feeling like I could have used a few more days to get business done.
  • No seminars. I love any opportunity to attend a session to learn something new. Vegas has lots of great seminars to get your creative juices going.
  • Wasn’t crazy about the food selection. The prices weren’t bad but I didn’t fall in love with lunchtime.
  • Permanent Vendors. The market is actually held in the market towers so once you get off of the “temporaries” floors, you are able to shop actual showrooms that have their home base in ATL. This was nice as it is more like a boutique shopping feel and even helps to give better merchandising and display ideas on your brands.




In Season Vegas PROS & CONS

  • Every brand who’s any brand is present in Vegas. You can find any brand for any genre of shop at Magic.
  • Lots to do during and after market. Vegas market has seminars, fashion parties, fashion shows. night time parties, etc.
  • You get a first look at styles that will be launching in the upcoming season. Atlanta has an in season market where you can do the same, but if we are comparing Magic in season and Atlanta off-season, this is a difference.
  • TONS OF FOOD!!! Because the markets are in the Casio convention centers, there are lots of food options.
  • TON OF PEOPLE….You are often shoulder to shoulder trying to buy and tensions can be high.
  • More “giveaways” than deals. Because everything is fresh off the press or make to order, there aren’t a lot of “great” deals, but you can enter to win some of the giveaways that vendors offer! Lots of Apple product giveaways with the larger name brands.

RECAP: I LOVE the Atlanta Off Season market because I was able to see all of my current vendors with plenty of time to do business. I got really great deals….MUCH better than Vegas but then again, it was only on immediates…I’LL TAKE IT THOUGH. I did find a few new vendors to work with. If you are a more established business with set vendors, check out the off-season market for relaxed buying. I got to see everyone that I needed to see without all of the hustle and bustle of 400,000 other shoppers. It felt like there were more vendors than shoppers. I really enjoyed the extra attention from my vendors 🙂 We attended Vegas for the first 3 years of being in business. It is great for new businesses or established shops that want to find great new brands for competitive advantage.If you want to make an exciting vacation out of it, then definitely hit up Vegas. You can work during the day and go to fancy dinners and shows by night.

Are you a market shopper? I would love to hear any advice that you may have! Just leave them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!


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