Why A Website and Email List is Crucial

Everyone is so focused on social platforms, and there is a good reason to be, but so many are forgetting the importance of investing in their website and email list. In this post, I am giving you all the reasons you need to spend time building your website and email list!

Why Do You Need a Website?

Social platforms are all the rage and have taken the place of personal or business websites for many reasons. They are super easy to grow, engagement is wild, and your audience is readily available on social. Sometimes I would update and post on my website only to wonder, is anyone even reading this? The answer was, probably not, but I kept chugging along, building content and keywords for the audience that would one day come.

Why did I do this you may ask? Because a website and purchased URL (or web address) is owned by you. Meaning, when you build your audience then you get to choose what they see, the message you deliver, and more importantly, you have control over the availability. What does availability mean? Well, in an unlikely situation, a social platform could ban your account or shut down all together. As I said, it is unlikely but risky. That’s why you don’t put all of your business eggs in one basket! Build your website and own your URL! Speaking of, I have created a course on building your website AND your brand here!

Why Do I Need An Email List?

The website is your personal platform and the email list is your audience tool! In other words, if you think about it, your email list is your social platform. Your very own medium to reach out directly to your audience and introduce your message. Many small business owners completely underestimate or don’t even consider building an email list. Take note, your email list is crucial to the growth of your platform. Now, as for growth, social platforms are amazing for email lead generation! Head on over to Facebook or Instagram and work on collecting emails from your audience through affordable ad campaigns!

How Do I Monetize Website?

Now there are TONS of ways to monetize your website but I am going to start you off with two; advertisements and affiliate marketing.

Google ads is a great start for serving advertisements to your audience via your website. You know the ads that you usually see rotating in the sidebars or headers of your favorite sites? When someone clicks on these, the website owner gets paid. It is usually cents, but cents can add up as your audience grows!

Affiliate marketing is when a brand gives you a special link that you include in a blog post that will direct your audience to their product for purchase. When someone from your audience clicks on this link and purchases the product, you get paid a commission.

There you have it! Two easy ways to get paid on your website, and you don’t even have to have a huge audience to do so!

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