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Why Consigning is ALWAYS a Good Idea

 Have you jumped on the latest consignment craze? Do you know what consigning is? Well, I am here to share the beauties of consigning your lightly used goods for a little extra cash or to trade in on your wardrobe.

This was me yesterday evening after leaving Sugarplum Consignments. YES…I WAS THIS EXCITED and for a legit reason too.


I got this Tory Burch purse – Originally 495,
this Coach clutch – Originally $99


AND…. this  Antonio Melani wallet – Originally $75
All for $265.98! That is a $669 value. The best part? I didn’t have to pull out my checkbook.
“How did you get these for free?” you may ask.
Well technically, I didn’t. I bring all of the clothing that I haven’t worn in a couple of months to Sugarplum Consignments, a local boutique consignment store. Melissa, the owner, looks through my bags and picks items that she would like to sell in the shop, then I take the rest of my items to the local Goodwill for donation. Every year I swing back by around the holidays to see what my total balance is and to buy myself a little holiday happy…or to take the cash and pay off bills from my holiday happy shopping for others.
This year I decided to recycle my fashion pieces for a new purse. I walked in at the right time. She had just gotten in this lovely Tory Burch bag, my fav. designer, and so I had enough in my account to snag it!


 Want to keep up with what Sugarplum Consignments has on their floor? It’s easy! Just visit their Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/sugarplumconsignments
Happy hunting!



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