Why I Do a Monthly Dermablade

Everyone always asks about my skincare routine and the number one question that I get is, “In your opinion, what is the most important skincare treatment?” In this post, I am sharing a skincare treatment that I swear by, as well as my favorite medspa in Memphis!

There are so many reasons that a monthly dermablade can benefit your skin! So many people think that a dermablade treatment is only for removing peach fuzz. While that is absolutely true, there are other reasons that one would enjoy the long term benefits of a monthly dermablade treatment.

Remove Debris

See the image above? Pretty gross huh? That is all of the dirt, oil, dead skin and peach fuzz removed from my skin. That is just one month’s worth of debris. Can you imagine if I didn’t do a dermablade every month? Talkl about a major back up!

Prevent Milia

First you may be wondering, what is milia? Milia occurs when keratin, a strong protein that’s typically found in skin tissues, hair, and nail cells, becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Milia doesn’t discriminate as it can occur in people of all ethnicities or ages.

Increases the Absorption of Products

Because dermablading clears the dirt and debris from your pores, it helps with deeper product penetration. Now you can get the full benefit from your skin products!

Exfoliate Skin

Dermablading provides an effective and safe exfoliation of the skin making the skin look and feel smoother. It is also beneficial for reducing the appearance of acne scars and fine lines over time!

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