Why Leather Is an Excellent Upholstery Fabric

When trying to decide the best way to furnish your home, your primary concern will likely be the upholstery. The material used greatly impact the aesthetics, comfort, and practicality of your furniture, so it’s important you give it some thought. However, for that same reason, we want to show you why leather is an excellent upholstery fabric.


Leather has always been associated with class and luxury. Thus, you can expect leather upholstery to always be a solid choice when it comes to furniture—whether you’re seeking a more modern or classic aesthetic. It’s this flexibility and ability to always remain contemporary that allows the leather to never fall out of style, meaning you’ll never have to worry about it outdating your room’s design.


Leather is also a naturally hardy material. Capable of enduring years of wear and tear, your leather upholstery will continue to look stylish and sophisticated with just a bit of basic maintenance. Leather is naturally resistant to tears, scratches, and punctures compared to other fabrics, and if damage occurs, replacing the leather is a surprisingly simple affair.


One of the best reasons why leather is an excellent upholstery fabric is its simple maintenance needs. Generally, you just need to perform basic cleaning tasks. Issues, like spills, are inconsequential because the leather doesn’t soak up liquids like other fabrics. Should you find any damages, reupholstering leather furniture is a relatively easy affair that you can easily accomplish.


Because the leather fabric has such a smooth surface, it doesn’t retain as much dust, pollen, or pet hair as other fabrics would. This allergen resistance makes it ideal for homeowners with allergies because it’s much easier to eliminate the potential triggers that would affect your health. Leather’s hypoallergenic attribute makes it especially great for living rooms, where you entertain guests and may need to be sensitive to their needs.

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