Why the HydraFacial is the Best Facial

There are tons of facial options in the market but which facial is the best facial? In this post I will share the top reasons of why I believe a hydrafacial is the best facial for your skin. So let’s dive in!

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So let’s start off with how often I get a hydrafacial. I like to get a facial treatment once per month, but I do not just do a hydrafacial, I also add on a dermablade to remove peach fuzz and clogged pores! Obviously, if I am investing in monthly facials, I am seeing the benefits, but why the hydrafacial?

5 Reasons I Choose HydraFacial

1. Customization

If you have clogged pores, dry spots, rough skin texture, loss of elasticity an experienced esthetician can make a custom plan fit for you with the hydrafacial machine. I always add a light peel to my facial to combat sun spots and clogged pores. You can also customize with the serums that they infuse into your skin during the treatment by choosing a serum that targets your skincare needs.

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2. Deep Pore Cleaning

The HydraFacial machine uses a unique spiral suction to slide water beneath the skin’s surface and lift dirt and impurities out of your pores. After my treatment is complete, I have a more even skin tone and a vibrant, glow.

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3. Pair Other Services

I always add a dermablade treatment and deep extractions onto my hydrafacial. The dermablade add on sloughs away dead skin and peach-fuzz, while also opening up the pores to better accept the beneficial serums. I also like to add on deep extractions so that a licensed esthetician can remove those older, stubborn blackheads.

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4. Decreases Signs of Aging

Of course the serums that are used in the HydraFacial help to improve aged skin for the long term, but the mere fact that your skin is being hydrated throughout the entire process instantly grants a glow to your complexion. When skin is hydrated and holds on to serums, the fine lines are lightened and plumped out.

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5. For All Skin Types

It is a typical problem, I walk into a spa and want a facial but I am tasked with choosing the best facial out of 10! Which is best for my concerns? Which is best for my skin type? with the HydraFacial, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Your licensed professional will know how to customize your facial just for you. If your skin begins to change over time, no worries! Your esthetician can track your changes over time and continue to recommend the best facial for your skin!

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