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Why You Should Emphasize STEAM With Girls

Females are typically discouraged from entering math or science fields while in school, which limits their opportunities and access to pursue STEAM careers. While spatial skills are generally higher in males, females can improve their cognitive abilities and spatial skills with simple training and encouragement. 

The goal is to support and encourage girls to succeed in all aspects of their education and ambitions. Let’s explore why emphasizing steam in girls is so imperative. 

What Is STEAM?

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Women only occupy 28% of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. Engineering and computer science are some of the most in-demand and highest-paying jobs for our future. 

Yet, men outnumber women in these fields by a significant margin. We should encourage our girls to pursue these fields and bridge the gender gaps so they can benefit from opportunities and higher wages simultaneously with the males. 

Why Should We Encourage STEAM With Girls?

Incorporating STEAM activities into academic lessons benefits all students, especially females. Girls are underrepresented in fields like technology and math due to their environment. 

With the proper guidance and encouragement, we can bridge the gender gap and provide girls with the resources they need to pursue whatever career they desire, including STEAM. 

Encourages Unique Problem-Solving

Innovative programs and camps nurture creative and abstract thinking and delve deeper into the art aspect of STEAM that was added to STEM learning. Collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills are fostered through fun activities that build self-awareness, psychosocial resilience and advanced thinking skills.

STEAM helps girls release inhibitions that can stifle their creative process and encourages them to think critically and solve problems uniquely. STEAM presents various methods to solve problems, teaches kids to think outside the box in non-linear ways and uses different parts of their brains to see the bigger picture. 

It Empowers Them

STEAM empowers girls by building their confidence and fostering their passion for these subjects. In these male-dominated fields, girls are less encouraged to pursue math and science avenues, which can make them feel inferior and question their self-worth. 

By encouraging girls to participate and learn more in these fields, we are allowing them to fuel their self-confidence and bask in their accomplishments regardless of gender. STEAM builds connection and social engagement and inspires collaboration. Girls need role models and can feel empowered when they are part of something bigger than themselves

Provides Opportunities

Providing girls with STEAM lessons at a young age can allow them to develop their skills and prepare for entering these fields later in life. The number of girls actively pursuing an interest in STEAM fields will dramatically increase with proper guidance and support. Providing them with a foundation that emphasizes their involvement and inclusivity can encourage them to maintain their interest. 

Technology is constantly evolving, and so is the job market. Providing girls with STEAM activities can give them insight into these core subjects’ future and their power. The skills girls learn from STEAM activities are vital to their success in these fields and can provide them with advanced career opportunities, which will provide them with financial security. 

Accommodating For Women In STEAM 

The interest in STEM typically declines in females as they enter high school and proceed to college—the reasoning is fascinating. Due to environmental factors like gender and social bias, many females don’t progress in these fields and pursue other options. 

Women often gain roles in the STEM fields only to quit because they feel isolated or less competent than their male counterparts. A lack of role models and diminished opportunities at the high school and college levels are other contributing factors to the lack of women in STEM careers. Women have a different perspective than men, which can contribute to solving real-world issues and culminate in collaboration with male STEAM graduates. 

To encourage your girls’ interests in STEAM, embrace their curiosity and an interdisciplinary approach to their learning. Foster critical thinking skills by asking how things are made and encouraging her experimentation to form independent solutions. Reinforce positive praise on her processes rather than results, like how hard she studied for a test instead of the grade she received. 

Introduce STEAM role models into your daughter’s life to motivate and inspire her. Nurture her passions and encourage her to actively pursue whatever she wants regardless of stereotypes, social or gender bias or anything else that stands between her and her dreams. Fuel your daughter with a growth mindset that will encourage her to continue learning and keep pushing forward no matter who or what tries to pull her down. 

Emphasizing STEAM With Girls

There are many ways to support girls and their interest in STEAM. Cultivating role models, embracing STEAM projects and programs, and providing support systems for our girls can encourage and inspire girls to pursue STEAM that can benefit them personally and professionally throughout their education and, ultimately, their lives.