Wine Gifts for the Wine Lover

Ok so I am an expert here as I am a super wine lover and have tried all the things. In this post, I am sharing my 5 favorite gifts for the wine lover!

Tou Ta Lou

Hangovers happen, but now you can say “tou ta lou” to a wine hangover, or any hangover for that matter with Tou Ta Lou. The makers of Tou Ta Lou went on a quest in pursuit of the world’s best ingredients to remedy one of mankind’s most frustrating ailments. After years of trial and error, they finally discovered a cure that actually works for relieving a hangover. By combining ancient ingredients with natural roots, berries, and juices, Tou Ta Lou has created a pre-party wellness shot that is everything you’ve ever wanted before enjoying an evening of wine.

Snag some Tou Ta Lou for 50% off with my promo code: CITYCHIC50! Now stuff those stockings!

The Wine Wand

Want to know something awful? I have a wine allergy, aka wine intolerance… but I love wine! DId you know that wine intolerance is commonly experienced by more than half of wine consumers and can cause a variety of common side effects such as headaches, skin flush, congestion, runny nose/sneezing, upset stomach, and hangovers? Many wine lovers have sensitivities, or intolerances, to components in wine that can induce significant allergy-like symptoms but their love for wine over takes the reactions. Now it doesn’t have to! With the Wine Wand, you can alleviate side effects of wine, remove histamines and sulfites, aerate the wine rapidly, restore the taste of already open wines, maintain all the antioxidants and other good ingredients, all while keeping the flavorful taste that you love about your favorite wine brand. Talk about the ultimate wino stocking stuffer.

Sugarfina Sips Candy Bento Box

These two new gifts from Sugarfina are perfect to give that special someone who enjoys cocktails and has a sweet tooth! These indulgent holiday treats are inspired by cocktails and your favorite crave-able flavors. Flavors like Spiked Eggnog Bears, Cranberry Cocktail Bears, and Candy Cane Caramels are limited-edition for the holiday season! Whether your price point is under $30 or you’re looking for a larger splurge, each gift feels elegant and luxurious. For a limited time, get 20% off your Sips and Cravings box with my promo code: ALEX20.

Sip Caddy

SipCaddy® is the first & only shower or bath wine holder! For those of you wo enjoy beer and cocktails, it can hold that too making it the all-in-one showerwine, bathwine, and showerbeer holder. This highest quality, American-made product has a suction cup that can hold up to 7 lbs when applied correctly to a non-porous surface. This is officially the most versatile cupholder ever invented! I just love to enjoy my wine while reading a book in my new tub with my Sip Caddy and I know your friends and family will too! Perhaps you can get two for a “shower date” with the hubs. I must admit, We did that! This is my favorite gift for any occasion!

Wine Wipes

Wine Wipes are the perfect accessory for wiping the red wine from your smile and teeth! The wine wipe has a unique cleaner that brightens up your smile without interfering with the taste or experience of enjoying wine. I love that the wipes come in a little compact complete with a mirror so that you can check your smile discreetly. Enjoy wine tastings? This is a must have for the experience!

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