10 Fun and Sexy Fatblasting Moves For Your Bedroom + feat. Fabletics

This one is going to kill two birds with one stone, getting sexy while being sexy in front of him. Yea it may seem weird at first, but replace my Fabletics outfit with a sexy little number and blast your fat while he looks on! Add this one to you and your hubby’s date night to do’s. FYI, the names of these exercises are suggestive, and funny, but SUGGESTIVE! AKA…Dad, if  you are reading this, click back now! Have fun and spice it up ladies!

Disclaimer: I am not a trained fitness coach so please be careful with these moves. All exersizes are ones that I see results with.

10 Fatblasting Moves

More Tushin’ for the Pushin’
Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and squat down. Make sure that your knees do not go over your toes. You can have your hands in the position that I have mine in or, you can lift them out to the side and above the head for a more “elaborate full frontal” move.

MUSCLE GROUP: Buttocks and Thighs

Open for Business
Step your feet out about one foot out on either side of your shoulders and tilt your toes out to a 45 degree angle. Squat down and send your knees directly over the toes. Do not try to squat where your knees go beyond your toes or you may complete a “no go, sexy killer” a.k.a. #FAIL! A little secret, you can practice your kegels while doing this one.

(MUSCLE GROUP: Buttocks and Thighs)
The Come Hither Pose
Find a wall to lean up against, lift and bend one leg to show the sexy sihouette while using the opposite foot to rise up and down off the floor. Basically, heel up, then heel down in a small. flowing movement.
(MUSCLE GROUP: Calves and Inner Thighs)
You Want it But You Must Wait
For those of you who are like me, and can’t twerk, this is the reverse twerk. Put your back to the wall and then slide down it, “sexyly”, into a tabletop. Then, hold it there for 45 seconds while slightly bouncing. I suggest the bouncing to create movement, break the awkward “I am just chilling here” vibe, and to reverse tweak.
(MUSCLE GROUP: Buttocks and Inner Thighs)
Waiting for Mr Smith (or insert Husband’s name)
This one is for the arms. Stand about two feet from your wall and extend your arm out to place your hand flat on the wall. Then bend your arm to lean in to the wall and straighten to push out. You body weight will help to define the biceps and triceps.
(MUSCLE GROUP: Triceps and Biceps)
Go Low Low
Sit on the floor and lift the tush with your feet grounded in front of you. Turn your fingers to face opposite of your body and bend at the elbows. You will want to feel this one in the back of your arms. No one likes lower arm flabs, flapping while you are “dancing” so be sure to work this move to tighten your triceps.

The Thrust
Just as it suggests,  THRUST! Lay flat on your back and lift your hips to the ceiling. As you do this, tighten your lower abs and buttocks. You will be strengthening your lower core which is said to be the sacred chakra of the woman!

(MUSCLE GROUP: Lower Abs, Lower Back, and Buttocks)
Rock me Baby
This one is fun and shows of the derriere while working the lower abs. Be sure to have his favorite undies on! Lay flat on your back with your legs extended up to make a 90 degree angle. Point your toes and rock them up and angled towards you slightly. Use your lower abs to rock and pick your bottom off of the ground.
Riding the “bike” 
Ok, Ok, so this really is just called the bicycle but I was trying to put a sexy spin on it. #fail…I know, but none the less, it is my favorite for getting those sexy lines down the sides of your abs. All you need to do is lie flat on your back with your legs straight. Lift them slightly off the ground and take turns pulling each knee in towards your body while simultaneously meeting your knee with the opposite elbow. This will constrict those side abs and widdle the “extra” off the waistline. 

Not So Missionary
Also known as Planking, this is a great pose for a full body muscle activation. Just think about tightening every muscle in your body and holding the position below for 60 seconds at a time. Pretty tough but also very effective. 
(MUSCLE GROUP: Most Muscles)
I hope this post was fun for you ladies and has given you some ideas to spice it up while spicing yourself up. As a momma who is going through the divorce process, I can vouch that keeping it interesting in the bedroom with your hubby is a very healthy and important part to any relationship, especially one where kiddos are involved and time seems non-existent.
Many of you have been asking about my workout fashion. Both outfits below are from Fabletic’s June Subscription Box. Want to learn more about this fabulous service? Just CLICK HERE!
And my shoes are Molly Bracken Tennys. Molly is a fabulous french designer who puts a super cute and unique spin on the modern day fashion trends.



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