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    Elvis Birthday Celebration| Guesthouse at Graceland

    Want to experience the Elvis birthday celebration at the Elvis Presley house? Each year Graceland puts on an extravagant birthday week for the king in which fans from all over the world come to pay tribute. As a Memphian, I grew up with Elvis being a household name, taking field trips to Graceland in elementary school and telling tourists all about the king when working in a popular downtown restaurant in college, but I have never actually experienced Elvis as an adult … until this year! Continue Reading

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    How to Soothe Irritated Lips

    Chapped and irritated lips seem to be my theme in the winter months. I struggle with lipstick because it looks so flaky and yuck on my super dehydrated lips. This winter…

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    Flawless Foundation for Moms

    After becoming a mom, my morning bathroom routine was cut in half! I am lucky if I have enough time to brush my teeth, hair, and wash my face some mornings.…

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    My Experience with Lip Injections

    The older I get the thinner my upper lip seems to become. I have also noticed these annoying vertical lines that draw directly down into my pout. Of course, it is…

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    How to Tighten Loose Skin

    Of course we can do crunches and sit-ups, but after kids, sometimes exercise will whittle the waistline but it does nothing for sagging skin. Since birthing 2 babies, I have been…