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It seems every year I set a resolution that I am super excited to achieve but by week 2, I fall off the wagon. After pondering the reason for my failure I have realized that a huge void in my plan is accountability and a peer group. This year I have set up the Mind. Body Challenge in which I am inviting anyone who wants to get their behind in gear to join me in this pursuit of mind and body health. Learn how you can take advantage of this program with this challenge overview!

Goals for 2019

As a 32 single momma of two running a business and full-time blogging, I seriously neglect my health to the extreme. I have quit working out regularly, I don’t try to make time for activities that bloom the mind, I go days without drinking a glass of water, and I excessively smoke when I drink, which honestly these days is very rarely, but when I do let loose with the girls, the cigs are always at hand. I am a social smoker, YUCKY HABIT! There is a more healthier, radiant, happier, evolving me that I dream about and her reality is honestly not impossible. I’m going to name her

  • Work with a personal trainer through the month of Jan.
  • Begin practicing Buti Yoga
  • Work with a dietician
  • Learn more about my body and its reactions to foods, fitness, and meditation
  • Get more sleep
  • Enjoy one creative activity or event per month
  • Lift my booty and get super toned arms, abs, and legs


What the Challenge Consists of?

As I said in the beginning of this post, I want to walk, or shall I say run, through this journey with other men and women who not only want to achieve maximum fitness this year, but who want to rediscover themselves through mind nourishment and soulful experiences.

In this challenge I will use weekly blog posts for recap information on diet and workout plan, mind exercises, and more. I invite you to join in on the conversation and your progress weekly in the comments below each blog post!!!


Who Will Be Leading Us?

We will be working with a personal trainer to get a weekly workout routine and a dietician for a weekly meal plan. I will be adding a little Bikram Yoga into the mix as I have always wanted to try hot yoga. You can choose your favorite fitness class to keep things interesting!

We will also be using a few apps to keep us on track.
If you would like to join in, please go to your App Store and download these FREE apps:

  • Headspace – set daily meditations, get mindful moments sent to your phone, and take courses that help you to grow personally
  • My Fitness Pal – Helps to track goals as well as physical and dietary activity.


Pre-Challenge Feels and Record

It is important to keep a record of how your fitness routine is changing your life. It helps to keep you motivated. With that being said, I need to record how I feel physically and mentally right now.

Mentally: I am exhausted, ran down, and pretty hard on myself. I cry much more than I really should being a girl and all mostly because I am feeling defeated much more than I ever have in my life. I am becoming insecure in my ability to succeed, which has never been a problem before.

Physically: I know I am slender but my fitness levels are the worse they have ever been. I don’t have the stamina I used to have. I rarely eat 3 meals a day, let alone a nutritional meal which keeps me slim but has me looking “hangy and jiggly” without clothes on. I am not as toned as I want to be. I have been having chest pains and ocular migraines that have all been tested and final outcome was attributed to stress.

My Before Pictures
Be real with yourself in these photos. Of course I know my angles as a blogger but you don’t want to shoot yourself in an amazing angle and awkward pose. Just stand straight and photograph your stomach and body as exposed as you feel comfortable, front, side, and back.

Your To Do List:

  1. Name The New You – What does the new you look like? How does he/she handle situations? What does he/she do better? Write it down! When you take it out of your mind and put it on paper, you are taking step one in bringing it to fruition. Once you have the new your mapped out, name him or her! Use your name but make it fun and funky!
  2. Inspiration Picture – This is the best motivation tactic. Find a picture of the body you would like to have and tape it to your mirror. You will be forced to look at him/her every day and it will push you to work harder. Better yet, save it to your phone screensaver.
  3. Your Before Photos – How can you track progress if you don’t have a before photo? Go ahead and snap a front, side, and back before photo for your own records.
  4. Journal the Challenge – You should be journaling your goals, fitness activities, food intake, measurements and more! Use the My FItness Pal app to journal your changes, meals, calories, etc.


TIP: Feel Good While Hitting The Gym

It helps to boost my confidence up while trying to get through a tough track when I look in the mirror during my workout and I feel like I look good and fit the part. Here are some of my favorite styles for the gym! Click the images to order your look!



I am not a trained exercise specialist, dietician, fitness coach, or any other health professional for that matter. I am just using my blog platform to track my experience and share with others. Please do all exercises at your own risk!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!

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