3 Character Attributes to Identify True Beauty

Physical Beauty IS ONLY Skin Deep but TRUE BEAUTY, not defined by one’s physical appearance, has many different attributes that if all are present will expose ones flawless soul. As a fashion stylist and makeup artist, I am around makeup, fashion, and models constantly, therefore I am exposed to “topical” beauty on a daily basis. Years of this kind of work and interactions with all types of people have helped me to identify 3 character attributes that define what I feel is TRUE BEAUTY.


3 Character Attributes to Identify True Beauty


Not to be confused with conceded or big headed. Some of the synonyms in the thesaurus for confidence equal: belief, faith, trust, credence. Confidence is having trust and belief in yourself and your abilities. When a woman has confidence and trusts in her abilities, this positive aura radiates with others and she is seen as sure and beautiful in her “self conviction”


Embracing Imperfections

We all have them and many of us spend our lives frowning at the site of them. Finding the beauty in our imperfections makes them invisible to the world. It’s crazy how people are quick to point out flaws but when we show no negative emotion, or are proud of what society deems a defect, no one has anything to say. A woman of True Beauty has no flaws. She confidently holds her head high at the look of her naked body and smiles with satisfaction. I believe our bodies tell the miracles that we as women are capable of, made to look exactly how God intended.

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Compassion for Others

When people think of beauty, they generally think in terms of self. So far the first two attributes are in terms of self but the third characteristic addresses others. This is something that does not come naturally for most. Exposure to events and environments as a child or throughout your lifetime can cause you to have a protective guard up, not allowing yourself to get close to others, in return, not taking the time to understand feelings. I have to admit, I have been pretty guarded most of my life up until I turned 30. The minute I would get close to someone especially the opposite sex, I would freak and find reasons to back away or to be alone. I never had time to seek compassion and understanding of others. Taking the time to soften your heart and truly try to put yourself in the shoes of others will bring out the compassion that most of us have tried to suppress. Having compassion for others means empathy, sympathy, mercy, care, sensitivity, warmth, love…a true attempt to love your neighbors even if you don’t know their name. A real tenderness for humanity.

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