3 Reasons A Grandpa/Grandson Relationship is Important

As a tribute to grandfather’s all over the world this Father’s Day, I am sharing 4 reasons why I believe my son’s relationships with their grandfathers are so very important and a few fun ways to encourage bonding.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gillette at Walmart. All opinions and text are my own. 

3 Reasons Important Reasons 

 Link to Their Cultural Heritage

I remember crawling up in my grandfather’s lap and listening to all of his war stories as well as his regaling of our family lineage. My ancestors in the Great Depression had it rough and were extremely hard workers. My grandfather’s brother lost his life while parachuting into Holland during WWII. Most of our family’s ancestry can be traced to Durhamshire, England (my grandfather’s last name was Durham). Although my grandfather recently passed, the stories he has filled my head with will be told for generations to come so that my son’s grandsons will know their heritage. I believe it is important for our children to understand where they come from. Having a knowledge of their familial background will help root your kids in life, adding to their sense of being and purpose so that they may continue to carry on the family traditions and feel honor in their family name.

ME- How do you feel about sharing your heritage with your grandsons?

“I think its important to share the differences in an upbringing from an underclass American family and how hard work and determination will always prevail.” 

“I think my grandsons should know about their grandparents and great-grandparents as people, not so much as where they were from, but more so, who they were.”

A Teacher That is Fun
Grandparents have valuable, timeless experience! Not only did they raise us, and do a fabulous job I might add, they view the world differently than we as parents since they were brought up in a vastly different time period. Most grandfathers will be full of tech-less learning activities for your son such as building in a workshop, working on an automobile, grooming techniques, airing up a bicycle tire, and more! All of which will build your boy’s character, teach him skills, and allow time for bonding with pops.
ME – Did you ever imagine that you would be teaching your grandchild life lessons? How is it different from teaching your own child?
“The difference is that I can spoil the mess out of them and then give them back to you! I disciplined with my kids in hopes that they will pass those disciplinary skills on to their children so I don’t have to worry about that part.”
“Unfortunately, since I live in New York I don’t have the ability to teach my grandchildren life’s lessons on a frequent or in-person basis. I do believe that the life lessons, love and encouragement, that I taught to my daughter and instilled within her when she was growing up will be indirectly perpetuated into my grandchildren by me. I’ve always said that what values my grandparents taught my mother will be passed further down to my own grandchildren. These lessons and values are teachings we carry and pass through to each and every generation.”
Another Outlook on Manhood
Most of the men in my grandfather’s generation fought for our country, some survived and some did not, but the stories nonetheless are inspiring and heroic. In today’s society versus the “old days,” becoming a man looks very different. It is important to me that my sons are inspired by the patriotic, grit and grind work that my fathers were accustomed to when growing up. Not to say there’s anything wrong with the modern man, but there is a lot to be learned from the hardworking, weathered faces of our fathers.
ME – What is one lesson in manhood that you would like to teach your grandsons?
“I am going to teach my grandson skills that were prevalent among the boys when I was a kid. We all grew up hunting and fishing. More kids today need to put down the tech and enjoy the beauties of the world that God has given them.”
“True learning is through acknowledgement of our successes and our mistakes. Repeat your successes and use the mistakes as experience and a means to do better. One lesson in manhood?  Grow up and have the values where your integrity is always upheld.Your reputation is what others give to you, your integrity is what you give to yourself. Oh, and I, of course, will teach him how to tie a bowtie”
Ways to Encourage a Stronger Relationship with Grandpa
Grandpa/Grandson Makeovers
Let your father teach your son how to best groom himself. Your son can try a wacky hairstyle on grandpa or even apply the shaving cream to gramps while getting a lesson in shaving! Send your son to see grandpa with a “Grandpa Makeover Kit” –  what a perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad. Swing by Walmart and snag some hair gel, a comb, some shaving cream, and a Gillette Fusion ProShield or Gillette ProGlide razor for a day full of memories. Both of these razors are currently on rollback at Walmart for only $9.97 (reg. $12.99), plus there’s a $2 off 1 coupon available now at pgeveryday.com making them only $7.97. Be sure to have grandma take photos!
Weekly Facetime Dates
Set up a time each week for your son to give gramps a video call. This is perfect for the grandpa that lives far away. Maybe during their “Facetime Date,” Grandpa can share a family story.
“Build It” Workshops
Set up a grandson/grandfather date and provide the supplies for them to build a box car or figurine together.

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