3 Steps to Potty Training Boys

Potty training a little boy has many stages and coming from a mom who is in round two, with my second son, in the training process, I know the importance of having the proper equipment. There are really 3 stages when you think about it. In this post I will share my experience and my recommended products that will help you to get the job done!

I want to start off by saying, while Bumbo did sponsor this post, this recommendation is 100% my own and all that is written in this post are my own ideas. I received the Bumbo Step n’ Potty just in time for my first son’s potty training sessions. I truly believe that this product helped to reduce the potty training age by providing assistance with 3 logical potty training steps.

3 Steps to Potty Training a Boy

1. The Floor Potty

For obvious reasons, a floor potty is where you start when potty training. Your little guy will be too small to use the big potty by himself and when potty training, you often have about 2 seconds from the time they alert you that they need to go before it ends up in their pants. A floor potty will help you get their trousers down and them seated just in time to hit the mark! As they evolve, like with most things, they will want to do it their selves and the floor potty makes this very easy!

Step 2. The Converter

The second step to training a little boy is to get a converter for your regular pot. The Bumbo Step n’ Potty has this step covered. Literally! Just remove the blue cushion from the floor potty and cover the hole on your regular potty. Voile! Now your little guy can practice doing his duty on the “big boy” potty. Making the transition from a floor potty to a big potty can be intimidating for your little one and there is often resistance. I love that the converter in this case is a piece of equipment he is already used to using. He has sat on the cushion while learning on his floor potty and now, thanks to the Step n’ Potty converter, there is not a whole lot of difference in transitioning to the big potty, other than height.

Step 3. The Step Stool

This is the final step of potty training. Admittedly, we have not yet mastered this part of the process but having a step stool makes this step possible at a young age. Most little boys do not get the chance to try out their aiming skills until they are much taller but thanks to the Bumbo Step n’ Potty Jack will get to master his final test at a much younger age than most. Jack loves using his step. Right now he goes in between trying to stand and aim and wanting to use his converter which is OK. I let him go at his pace and having this awesome potty allows him to do just that!

I don’t really know what I would do if I had to find equipment for each one of these necessary steps to get the job done. You would essentially have to acquire a floor potty, a dual toilet seat from your local hardware store, and a step stool all separately making the budget for potty training lessons over $100. With the Bumbo Step n’ Potty , you can get all three in one for just $39.99!

One more thing, I love that all of the components to the Step n’ Potty can be combined for super easy storage!

Would love to learn more about your potty training tips! Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments in the section below this post! I am super excited that we discovered the Bumbo Floor Seat. Interested in all of Bumbo’s other innovative baby products? Be sure to visit Bumbo’s site to see product videos and more detailed information!

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