4 Simple Relaxers for Busy Business Women

As a business owner, mommy, and wife, I have many duties but as a professional woman I have needs that are essential to a happy life. Many of you who know me know that work never stops for this lady, but lately, I have been extremely overwhelmed with back to back businesses dilemmas, pregnancy, and life in general that I finally stopped and forced myself back to the basics.

I remember when I had time to lay in the bath for an hour and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the ID channel or listening to soothing spa music with the lights out and candles lit. I used to enjoy this time that I made for myself but now, there is not a minute in my day carved out for a bath. It’s showers all the way for this chick! Even working out…I have totally neglected my reoccurring monthly gym membership for a balancing act to keep the plates spinning above my head. Where has my time for me gone? Why am I even asking? I totally know where it is spent. Now it is time to get serious and get back to the basics .  Now, I can’t revert back to my hours of me time every day, but I have found simple pleasures in small daily moments.

4 Simple Relaxers

 Enjoy the Mornings
I know, I know….you would rather have an extra hour of sleep….but don;t knock it unless you try it. In order to enjoy a little peace in the mornings all you will need is your favorite coffee mug, warm drink, and an alarm clock. Set your alarm an hour early and brew up your favorite coffee or tea (as long as it isn’t Sleepytime tea 😉 Then find an inspirational spot where you can soak up some inspiration and life through the sun’s morning rays and sit in quiet. My porch swing is my morning place. Make sure your bevey is in your FAVORITE mug. There is something about a special, cute mug. I have like 10 but I always choose my hand-painted mugs or the ones with inspirational quotes on them to inspire a creative start to the day.

Set an Ambiance of Life
I love to sprinkle my home with fresh flowers and light my favorite Woodwick crackling candles. The greenery and beauty of the flowers help me to relax after a super busy day while the soothing scents and warm crackle of my candle help to trigger “wind down time” in my head. Go candle shopping and pop a few of your favorite scents around the house. Light them all at once. I swear you will walk a little lighter and feel a little freer after a long work day.

Enjoy the Life you have Invested In
Enjoy your neighborhood, get to know the folks in it, enjoy your pets, and experience your territory together. Whehter you rent or have bought, you have made an investment in your environment. There was a reason why you moved into the neighborhood that you did, now take the time to enjoy it. Go for a walk with your pup, spouse, child, or even by yourself and take in all of the beauty that surrounds you. Take the time to appreciate the life, environment, people, animals, or relationships that you have invested in.

 Besides….a little walk never hurt a prego lady or a lazy pup!

Take Time to Read
I didn’t remember how much I loved my subscriptions until my mother-in-law got me a few subscriptions to Parents Mag and Family Circle. I decided to cozy onto my back patio and take a little time to read. What a GREAT 45 minutes spent at the end of the work day before mommy duties kick in. I am making a habit to get home a little early to have a refresher and read before going to get my little guy and starting the evening bath, food, toddler’s play, and wife duties.

Do you all have any relaxers that really bring you back down to earth? Leave them in the comments. I am always up for suggestions!


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