5 Best Uses for Smart Home Plugs

This post is in partnership with Enbrighten, however, all opinions are my own.
So I have gone all-in and completely made my home 100% smart! I have Alexas, smart bulbs, Nest thermostats, a smart water heater, and smart plugs to control all of my devices throughout my house. With all of my experience in smart devices and how to link them, I have learned that you can make pretty much anything smart with smart plugs. In this post, I am sharing with you my top 5 best uses for smart home plugs, as well as my most favorite indoor and outdoor smart plug brand!

Before I get into my 4 best uses for smart plugs, and I promise they are unique, I want to share with you my favorite brand of smart plugs.

The Enbrighten Indoor and Outdoor Smart Plugs are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, meaning you can operate them with voice commands! The Smart Plugs also use universal Wi-Fi and have a super user-friendly setup.

The Enbrighten Indoor Smart Plug is just as versatile and easy to set up as the Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Plug, I love that both of these plugs can be easily set up with the Enbrighten app, making the Enbrighten Smart Plugs my favorite!

4 Best Uses for Smart Home Plugs

  1. Turning off your hair tools.
    Are you a momma constantly on the go like me? It never fails, I will leave the house, and then that little nagging voice in the back of my mind second guesses if I turned off the curling iron or not. With the Enbrighten Indoor Smart Plug, you can set up a condition in the app to turn off your hair tools at a certain time every day.
  2. Security Lights.
    You can have your Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs set up a time to turn on a security light every night. I use a condition that turns on certain lamps in my home at night and turns them off before I ever wake up in the morning.

3. Evening Backyard Moods.
My favorite thing to do in the evenings is to sit under the stars and enjoy some tunes while my Enbrighten landscape lights shift into a color show. It is such a peaceful place for me and the lights help to set the mood. Of course, I don’t have to plug them in every time. I just ask Alexa to turn them on and off for me for hassle-free operation!

4. Walkways and path lighting.
Have your outdoor pathway lights turn on automatically at sunset and off at midnight for a beautiful landscaped appeal. Of course, if you are having a late-night party that goes on past midnight, you can use the app to extend your light time!

Check out Enbrighten Smart Home products and download the free app today to get started! How do you plan on using the Smart Plugs around your home?

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