5 Festive Fall Activities for Family Bonding Time

There are always activities available for the adults this time of year but what about some family fun with the kiddos? Creating family traditions for the youngins not only adds wonderful memories to their childhood for them and for you, but also teaches them family values and starts traditions for them to pass down to their children. Let’s encourage our kids to put down the electronic devices and have some good ole’ fashioned family fun.

Family Harvest Party

This one is great for teaching your child about the native Americans traditions of harvesting and being thankful. Native Americans all over the country celebrate harvest in October. This is arguablly  their biggest celebration of the year. During Harvest Festival the play games, dance, and give thanks to the gods for their corn crops, their health, and their happiness. Most of your kids will know the story of Columbus Day but what about America before Columbus? Teach them about the keepers of our land long before we arrived. A great way to have a mini family Harvest Party is to attend a local farmers market and let your kiddos choose pumpkins, squash, and corn to bring home and cook together while listening to fun fall tunes. Tell them the stories of our country’s tribes and be sure to give thanks to our Lord for the food, your health, your happiness, and of course…the memories.

Jack thought the uncooked corn would be tasty. He didn;t understand that it needed to be cooked first! haha Corn is one of hit favorites!

Apples on a String: The Alternative for Bobbing for Apples

This one is great family fun for everyone. I always loved to bob for apples as a kid but if you have children under 5 you may want to opt for an Apples on a String competition. Winner gets to choose dinner and be honored with their favorite dessert! And who says candles are for your birthday? The dessert will include a candle for the winner to blow out after everyone at the table goes around and makes a seasonal wish for the family!

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

10 White Pumpkins
Black Masking Tape
A 36 x 36 piece of wood
Black Paint

This one is a lot of fun to make. First you must visit your local pumpkin patch and let your mini me pick out 10 white pumpkins. They must be small enough to fit on your big wooden game board. Once you get home put the black tape on the wooden board to make a Tic Tac Toe game board. Then paint an X on 5 pumpkins and an O on the other 5. Your game is complete! Time to compete!

Local Corn or Hay Bail Maze

Most cities or towns have a local corn or hay bail maze. These are not only fun but very stimulating for your toddlers brain. Let them take the lead to get mommy and daddy out of the maze and only offer help when asked for it. You may be mazing all day, but in the end, they will feel accomplished, their brain will be worked, and you will have created a great fall family pastime.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Almost every American family carves pumpkins for Halloween but put a spin on it and make it a contest. Everyone gets to choose a pumpkin at the patch. Big or small each family member is entitled to their picking!

When you all make it home, draw your own pumpkin face patterns on a white piece of paper and get to work. If your child is too small to draw a pattern, have them describe the face they would like. For example, ask them “What shape are your pumpkin’s eyes? Are they happy or scary?” Once your drawing is finished, let them approve before carving. Once the family is finished, Ask your trick or treating guests to vote. While you are out collecting candy, leave a pen and some white paper on your porch. Number your pumpkins and leave instructions for your treaters to write the number of their favorite on a piece of paper and drop it in the bucket before taking candy. When you get home, count your votes! Winner gets to choose a family fun Halloween movie to cozy in the night with. Be sure to make some hot cider to warm up after your hard working candy collecting!

Jack’s excitment over all of the fall festivities!



Jack’s annual pumpkin patch picture. Since his birthday is in October, we get a picture at the pumpkin patch every year. Each gets their own frame and we create a Jack collage on the fire place mantle for the month to honor our sweet boy!

Would love to hear about your traditions. Please submit in the comments below!

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