5 Game Changing Beauty Products

With so many beauty products on the market, how do you know which products to invest in or which actually work? I have tried so many beauty products over the years and in this post, I am sharing my 5 beauty product must haves for radiant skin and beautiful hair!

While all products were chosen by me to recommend to you, I want to thank PMD Beauty, Erno Lazlo, Vaseline, Medi Tresse, and Annmarie Skin Care for sponsoring this post.

PMD Beauty Microderm Device

The PMD Microderm Elite Pro is the most technologically advanced microdermabrasion device on the market and a great way for keeping your skin luminous and smooth. TruTier™ technology combines variable vacuum suction for skin to device contact providing a deep pore cleanse while blasting dead, discolored skin. The device’s tri-speed capability and interchangeable tips allow for customizable treatments. It is crazy how you can see the results instantly!

After using my PMD Elite Pro, I follow up with a PMD Recovery Mask. This smart weekly after-treatment mask helps to soothe and plump my skin with it’s unique delivery system which helps create a protective barrier allowing vital hydration to instantly calm my skin, smooth lines and lock in moisture.

Erno Lazlo Detox Cleansing Duo & Tinted Treatment

The Erno Lazlo Detox Cleansing Oil deeply and thoroughly cleanses my skin by dissolving surface impurities. I love how it even reduces the look of large pores without leaving my skin feeling tight or dry. First, I apply the oil all over my face without any water for breaking down any makeup or dirt. Then, I wet the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar and massage the bar over my skin to mix with the Cleansing oil. This allows the uniquely therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea mud to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate my skin. After, I then apply the Erno Lazlo Firming Essence which provides a cooling sensation while helping my product penetrate deeper into my skin.

Once my skincare has been applied, I follow up with my Erno Lazlo Shake It Tinted Treatment. Did you know Marilyn Monroe swore by this product? Not only does this treatment provide a sheer matte finish to even out my skin tone with its tinted benefits, but it also helps to control excess oil throughout the day and visibly reduce my pores.

Tips for getting the best results with the Shake-It Tinted Treatment:

  1. For drier or normal to dry skin types, Erno Lazlo suggests that you apply Shake-It after a moisturizer.
  2. If your skin type is slightly oily or oily, you can apply Shake-It directly after essence or serum without using a moisturizer.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks

Everyone knows that I suffer from chronically dry lips. (You can totally tell in the picture!) Thats why I keep Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks stashed in my car, purse, nightstand, and bathroom drawer. I basically keep a stick of Vaseline close by for quick lip hydration. Not only does Vaseline hydrate my lips better than any product I have ever tried, but it also provides instant smoothing for my often tender, cracked lips. You can find them at value stores such as Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target, Walgreens, and Amazon.

I love the rosy lip formula for a subtle pink glow, the aloe vera formula for added hydration, and the original formula for applying over my lipstick to keep my pucker moisturized even when wearing color.

MediTresse Hair Supplements & Scalp Shampoo

My hair growth has been unbelievable with these products! Check out all of my new growth from using MediTresse for just one month in the photo below. Specially formulated to support the healthy metabolism of hair, skin, and nails, the Revitalizer Supplement contains multiple B vitamins and biotin which have been shown to be some of the most important factors in maintaining hair vitality and supporting structure and color.

The Fortifier is a follicle enrichment supplement formulated with the proprietary blend of botanicals, adaptogens, marine collagen, and saw palmetto, which are known to support hair growth. This supplement also helps to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is involved with the shrinking process of hair follicles.

Did you know that many of the products we put in our hair for coloring or bleaching can dry out the hair or irritate the scalp? Removing build-up and keeping your scalp healthy is a vital part of growing healthier, stronger, longer hair. Prolonged build-up on the scalp can cause irritation, itchiness, flakiness, and inflammation around the follicle which eventually can lead to hair loss. 

Build-up happens naturally over time when an oily secretion called sebum accumulates alongside sweat, hair products, and dead skin cells on the scalp. Build-up is often worse in the summer due to certain factors like chlorine, saltwater, sunblock, and increased use of dry shampoo. 

That’s why it is so important (especially in the summertime) to use a clarifying scalp shampoo like the Medi Tresse Root Cleanse. A good rule of thumb is to use root cleanse shampoo once a week to maintain a healthy scalp and promote healthier hair growth. 

Annmarie Skin Care Travel Kits

Annmarie Skin Care provides you with clean beauty using only organic wildcrafted ingredients 
I am a huge fan of Annmarie’s Skin Care’s travel-sized kits not only for keeping my complexion radiant while traveling but also for a trial of their hottest skincare products. Right now, you can try Annmarie’s line for only $19.99 with their Clean Beauty Trial Kit which comes with a FREE Travel Size Neroli Toning Mist.

4 Steps to Clean Beauty (with the clean beauty kit) $19.99

  • Step 1: Cleanse with the Aloe Herb Cleanser, a pH-balanced gentle cleanser infused with organic aloe vera, coconut oil, and beautifying herbs.
  • Step 2: Mist with the Neroli Toning Mist, an infusion of aloe vera and neroli essential oils that hydrates and enhances absorption of all serums and oils.
  • Step 3: Dab and blend the Anti-Aging Serum, a hydrating elixir that leaves skin looking firm with hyaluronic acid and life everlasting flowers.
  • Step 4: Apply with gentle strokes the Anti-Aging Facial Oil, brimming with antioxidant-rich seed oils—chia, goji berry, and broccoli—that firm and tighten the skin.

Speaking of Annmarie Skin Care’s travel kits, they have a wonderful body essentials kit with products that will cleanse, moisturize and restore your skin. This three-piece, Body Essentials Travel Kit is a two-week supply that delivers nourishment to bodies of all skin types. The Rosemary Peppermint Hand & Body Wash, Radiant Skin Silk and Coconut Body Oil are the ideal trio to leave your skin hydrated and moisturized. For only $30, this makes a wonderful hostess happy or best friend birthday gift.

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