5 Lessons from an Experienced Mommy

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Every momma who has had more than one baby knows that baby number 2 is much less stressful, and your patience has become the ultimate virtue. In this post I am going to share a few tricks to making “momming” with an infant much easier.

While all tips and lessons are my very own, this post is sponsored by Luvs

5 Lessons from an Unconventional Yet Experienced Mom


Both of my boys loved to be soothed to sleep with a gentle humming of a lullaby and their face to be traced with my fingers, especially their brows and the bridge of their nose. All of 5-10 minutes and your little one will be catching Z’s.


I baby who sleeps super light leaves a mommy that is forced to take breaks during nap time. It is great to catch up on sleep when your little naps but realistically, if you are a boss mom like me, you are trying to knock out a huge laundry list of tasks in that short hour. Make sure you condition your infant to block noise while he or she sleeps. A good way to do this is to save vacuuming for when your little naps from day one. If you do this, you are setting yourself up for success for at least the following 5 years because your little will sleep like a rock through thunderstorms, loud company, etc.


I love to use Pandora’s Lullaby themed music station for night night time. All of the songs are gentle, sweet, and some even inspirational, promoting security and comfort in the crib. James also knows that bed time has come when the music plays. I only use it at night so that he can distinguish between nap time and bed time.


Both of my sons love foot massages. Yes, I do believe I have created a little monster for the women that they fall in love with later in life, but these Reflexology routines seem to calm their little minds and put smiles on their faces. This is also a great little bonding moment as you can be face to face and talk to your little about the different points. Obviously they won’t totally understand what you are saying at first, but looking into your baby’s eyes and speaking to them promotes confidence for the future.


I have purchased a stick on plastic hook from Walmart and have attached it to the back of James’ highchair for hanging bibs. It makes bib storage super convenient and handy.


One thing I have definitely learned with baby number two is that spending more on diapers doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. In the AM when I am changing James from his overnight sleep, he seems to be dryer with Luvs. Of course he still potties the same amount of times but Luvs seems to be super absorbent. Why pay more? This Sunday, August 26th, you can save EVEN MORE with Walmart’s brandSAVER coupon that will give you an additional $2 off two bags or one box of Luvs.

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