5 Minute Tuscan Turkey Dinner Idea with Boars Head

We all know I am not the best cook, therefore I am always on the search for quick, easy, and healthy dinner ideas for my boys! I love the freshness and delicious flavors of Boars Head Simplicity meats and decided to pair the Tuscan Turkey with steamed artichokes for a filling and heart healthy meal that my boys loved! In this post I will share the recipe.

This post was sponsored by Boars Head Official but all ideas and comments are my own.



The Boars Head Simplicty product portfolio is a line of all-natural and organic products with the taste and quality you expect from Boar’s Head. I shop Boars Head for their fresh and customized approach to all-natural and organic deli meats and cheeses. I am able to order freshly sliced meats to the exact thickness and quantity needed where most other meat brands offer only pre-packaged and pre-sliced items.


5 Minute Tuscan Turkey Recipe

  1. First pour 1 tbsp of olive oil in a frying pan and heat. Then place a half inch thick slice of Boars Head Tuscan Turkey over the oil and fry. Once the turkey browns, flip it over to brown the opposite side.


2. Steam a bag of artichoke hearts in the microwave. There are several brands of frozen microwavable steam bags found in the freezer isle of your local grocery store.

3. Place your turkey over top of the artichokes and Voile!


I love Boars Head’s Simplicity meats and cheeses for lunchtime sandwiches as well! Boars Head’s unwavering commitment to quality and commitment to heart healthy meats makes me feel secure in the ingredients that I am feeding my children. Boars Head Simplicity® provides Purposeful Parents and Healthful Adults with products that redefine quality, taste and ingredients for the Natural and Organic Market. All of their products are lower in sodium, gluten free, milk and lactose free, sugar free, certified heart healthy and on the Feingold Food List.

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