5 Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Front Porch

Decorating your front porch is part of the fun of owning or renting your own space. It’s a chance to show off your personality and make the neighborhood feel like a welcoming place. However, it’s easy to make small errors that reduce the overall look and utility of your porch. Discover five mistakes you should avoid when decorating your front porch.

Skipping Landscaping

It’s easy to forget that the look of your porch also includes any landscaping in front of it—you don’t want people thinking that your home exterior looks naked. Be sure to include a variety of seasonal and perennial plants in front of your porch to soften the look and potentially hide the structure of your home.

Using the Wrong Flag Size

Many people in the US love the classic look of hanging American flags outside their homes. Although, it is possible to get the wrong size and end up with a flag that doesn’t look proportional to your house. To determine the right flag size for your home, you’ll need to do a little math. For home-mounted flags, the pole should be twice the width (the short side) of your flag.

Going All Neutral

Neutrals make for a fantastic universal color palette; however, these shades can make your home look boring if left on their own. Always be sure to mix in a few pops of color with your neutrals so your home doesn’t look drab. You can even use seasonal decorations to add color to a neutral background you keep year-round. Some seasonal ideas include:

  • Spring: white, pink, or yellow flowers
  • Summer: lemons or your favorite citrus
  • Fall: orange pumpkins
  • Winter: red holly berries

Buying Single-Season Furniture

Another mistake to avoid when decorating your front porch is buying cheap synthetic furniture that only matches one season. Your quick summer purchase isn’t going to look appropriate when it comes time to decorate for colder months. It’s better to save up and buy something that will last for some time and look good all year.

Forgetting Cushions and Pillows

High-quality outdoor furniture can really take your front porch to the next level. However, it’s vital that you don’t forget to factor comfort into your design. For example, people love the look of a rustic wooden bench on a porch, but no one will want to sit there very long without a cushion. Always remember to add cushions and pillows to make your furniture comfortable.

Your home’s exterior is what gives people their first impression of you when they come to visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a stellar first impression by utilizing these tips.

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