5 Moves to Help Stay Fit on the Beach

Hate having to work off your vacation calories when you get home? Well a few minutes spent burning your intakes while on vacation will have you coming home feelings just as refreshed as your vacation had intended.

When trying to burn calories a run is always good for getting your body set and ready for muscle build. I love a good run before the burn so that I can get my heart rate elevated and my body working hard for a bit of strength training. Keep in mind, while running does burn calories, aerobic exercise is pivotal for heart and lung health. When running on the beach, you are going to be killing two birds with one stone. The sand makes for excellent strength training on your thighs. Remember, don’t get discouraged. A run on the beach is much harder than it looks.


So, your thighs may object after a sand run but try to squeeze in 3 sets of 7 leg lunges. Normally I would say 3 sets of 12 but after a run on the beach, you are a champ if you can get through sets of 7. Concentrate on balance and the burn in your gluts and thighs. You may be sore the next day but you will be tighter and will love how it looks in your swimsuit. 


Jills are like Jacks but with a little more power. Do some jumps and strive to pull your legs up high and your arms engaged in the “look at my guns” position, Just like the picture below. This jump will have your core, legs, and arms engaged and is actually safer than a jumping jack in the sand. Less chance of an ankle rollover. I would recommend striving to perfect 10 in a row. Take your time and focus on engaging your full body muscle potential. 


After your quick beach workout, you are going to need to stretch your lower half to prevent cramps and tightness in the legs and booty. A thigh lunge will help to break down lactic acid in the inner thigh and minimize soreness.

Sit in my position that is in the photo below. Reach out to the extended leg, grab the top of your toes, and gently pull back to feel a stretch in your calf muscles. Then, lean down and try to place your chest on your kness to feel a leg and booty stretch. These stretches are essential for muscle health and prepping your body for the next day’s workout.

Be sure to choose workout attire that will facilitate in a distraction free workout environment. I will usually choose a sports bra, Coobie Bra, or a skin tight top. Anything that is too loose distracts me. When I get too sweaty on my upper half I begin to slow down so a sports bra or tight fitting, breathable top is best when I hit the gym, or in this case, the beach.

 I love these leggings from The Gift Clozet because of the mesh side pockets. Big enough to fit your phone, keys, or in a case when you are running in an unfamiliar environment, your pocket knife.
Be sure to wear good running shoes! Many people think that they do not need shoes since there will be sand. Good running shoes will protect your ankles and will also shield your feet from the remnants of spring breakers (glass beer bottles).


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