5 Reasons to Choose Dermablading for a Flawless Complextion with De La Bella Spa

One of my regular routines for smooth skin, especially at a time when my skin seems to be changing from college baby face to my more mature mommy skin is dermablading. I am a facial-o-holic and have tried everything there is, almost, but dermablading or dermaplaning, by far, has provided the best results and therefore wins the award for Best Facial for Aging Skin!



In a nutshell, it is shaving the first layer of your skin off with a straight razor. An aesthetician would probably cringing at my description, but to the regular gal like me and in layman’s terms, that is basically what it is. Actually the real term is a scalpel and it is a very precise process that MUST be done by a professional. The process is usually combined with a facial for more relaxation which makes it a true spa experience. I visited De La Bella Wellness and Spa and must admit, not only did I leave glowing, but I did catch myself in an awkward snooze cycle several times during the experience. I could get used to this monthly! Oh and….NO, as scary as it sounds…IT DOES NOT HURT!

5 Reasons Why Derma-Blading is my Go To Facial

I have found that dermablading is the best, non-abrasive way to exfoliate. What I mean by this, is that there are many other deep exfoliating services such as deep peels, lasers, etc. Those usually leave you with required downtime and a sore face. Every time I get a derma-blasde, not only are the results pretty immediate but I notice a gentle sloughing of the skin for a few days which goes to show that it is doing it’s job even after you get off the table.

Milia is pretty common in our skin as we grow older. It is not acne or pimples but instead an annoying little hard bump that seems to linger for months. They can cause some pretty nasty scaring if you try to remove them yourself yet if not removed, they can remain for years and even grow to the point that when you do get it taken care of, it can cause a hole in the skin. Milia becomes present when keratin or proteins get trapped under the skin. As we get older, our natural process of resurfacing or regenerating every 28 days slows down which can leave you with layers of dead skin trapping this keratin in the pores and causing it to harden. Derma-blading puts your best skin forward and helps to keep your pores from getting clogged.

Is it just me or does hair come with hormones? And not in the places that you pray it will come in. The hair on my head and brows tends to go BLAH while the fuzzies on my face seem more prevalent! Derma-blading will remove the blonde fuzzies without causing them to grow back bold. Dermablading will not change the texture of your facial hair so ladies, no worries of a beard in your future!

I can’t speak for super fair skin but as for a more olive complexion, age and spots are a constant battle. If I peak at the sun I get a glow but a few days later it fades to little brown freckle like marks, the only thing i, they aren’t as cute as freckles! This facial not only helps to fade the spots, it also promotes the production of collagen and elastin which seems to fail us as we age. The more collagen and elastin production the more supple our skin will remain.

As a makeup artist, I know how important a fresh pallet is. If you apply your cosmetics on a smooth, exfoliated surface the results are 10xs better. I call it BUTTER. The application seriously glides on like butter. You can get an airbrushed look without the messy airbrush gun!

My favorite place for a Dermablade facial is De La Bella Wellness and Spa. Robin Thonda, a licensed medical aesthetician and SUPER AWESOME GAL, gave me the BEST dermablade I have ever experienced. Like I said. I fell asleep TWICE

De La Belle Wellness and Spa(formerly Elysian Aesthetics of Memphis) is a medical wellness, weight loss and skin boutique focusing on helping clients look and feel their best as well as provide valuable education in all aspects of skincare and weight loss. Our team of Medical Directors, Nurse Practitioners and Aestheticians work closely with each other to ensure you’re on the right path to success!
From wellness visits for the common cold to spray tans and everything in between…De La Belle Wellness and Spa is your one-stop shop to feeling better and looking better than ever before!
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