5 Toddler-Friendly Holiday Destinations

From tiny hands building their first-ever sandcastles, to smiles on faces in the swimming pool, there are so many memorable moments when you’re holidaying with toddlers.

Going on holiday with a toddler requires a little extra planning. But you’re not short of options. Here are five holiday destinations that are toddler-friendly, ideal for you and your family.

Umbria, Italy

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The typical family holiday accommodation will make an Italian holiday appealing. Often, families with toddlers choose to stay in farmhouse cottages where they’re surrounded by scenic open space.

Many Italian properties are self-catering homes with their own swimming pools, sprawling fields and play areas. As long as you follow basic pool safety rules, they’re ideal for holidays with toddlers.

The central region of Umbria is a popular family destination. Here, you’ll find idyllic landscapes and a culture that’s very child-friendly. Umbria is often described as the ‘Green Heart of Italy’.


Cancun, Mexico

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Visiting Cancun is easy with toddlers in tow. The flight is short, the beaches are beautiful, and there are many all-inclusive hotels with amazing food, stunning pools and plenty of activities for the kids.

If you’ve only got young children, then you can spend a lot of your holiday around the pool. Or, head to Xcaret Park to sit down for a picnic and some time to explore its sprawling tropical grounds.

Orlando, Florida

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If you’re worried about flying with a toddler, then why not travel by land for a family holiday in Orlando? There are all types of accommodation in Orlando, from family rooms in hotels to lively child-friendly campsites.

Why not stay at the Disney World Resort? Just a stone’s throw away from the Disney Parks, where they’ll have fun spotting characters and enjoying the smallest of rides. This really is a magical and unforgettable experience for all the family, adults and children alike!


Corfu, Greece

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If you’re planning a summer holiday with toddlers, this is definitely one to consider. There are lovely sandy beaches, as well as quieter pebble beaches that are a little more sheltered.

You don’t have to travel far from the airport for your family holiday in Corfu. Though there are great toddler-friendly resorts like Roda if you’re happy to spend time in a car, you could instead choose to stay in Gouvia. You’ll be there in minutes after leaving the airport, which is why so many families choose to stay with their young children.


United Kingdom

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If you can hack the flight the UK is definitely somewhere you should consider taking the family. It has a rich history and endless activities for the whole family.

Why not explore some National Trust sites? Or visit a few museums in central London? Toddlers can have fun and enriching days out in some British sun, with the added bonus of sharing a language with those around them.

Many parents of toddlers are also preparing for another new arrival, which makes the right holiday destination particularly important. If you’re travelling whilst pregnant, take note of the additional requirements that may affect your choice of destination.

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