5 Wedding DIYs That You Didn’t Know You Could Do

You’re a dedicated wedding DIY couple, happily scouring the internet for more DIY ideas. Luckily, there’s more to DIY than just arranging flower bouquets or writing out name cards. There are plenty of wedding DIYs that you didn’t know you could do!

Build the Ceremony Backdrop

Not all weddings have stunning scenery in the background. You want something more to make your ceremony stand out.

Some options include creating a flower wall, a wooden frame with sweeping white drapes, or lovely greenery paired with lace and fairy lights on a tall wooden structure. Grab a few friends, find some inspirational photos you love, and start working on the project together.

Design a One-of-a-Kind Guest Book

Guest books often get tossed into a closet and never seen again. Rather than buying a traditional guest book, use your crafting skills to design and make your own wedding keepsake. Make a quilt with squares that guests can sign, create a shadow box with picture frames that guests can fill with memories, or design a unique photo album with personal touches. You’re more likely to admire this one-of-a-kind guest book for years after the wedding day.

DIY Wedding Games

Entertain your guests with fun and exciting games at your reception by using items such as large outdoor Jenga sets, cornhole sets, and croquet sets. You can find many tutorials on how to hand-create these items with personal touches that fit the aesthetic and vibe of your wedding. It’s perfect to keep guests entertained in between the ceremony and reception or to have a little extra fun during the evening.

Wine Bottle Table Numbers

Are you bored of seeing acrylic or cardstock wedding table numbers? Start saving used wine bottles for the big day!

Clean out the inside, add fairy lights inside, and paste an elegant original label on the base of the bottle. Another option is to paint the entire bottle, add a bow around the neck, and paint the number in the center.

Create Your Bridal Hair Accessory

A wedding DIY you most likely didn’t know you could do was make your own bridal hair accessory! Once you find out how to choose the style of the bridal hair accessory you want, you can start learning how to make the piece yourself.

Paste faux flowers onto hair pins and add tulle to create a gorgeous veil. Place rhinestones and gems onto a hair comb. Transform an old pearl necklace into an elegant headband. There are several possibilities to accentuate your hairstyle for the wedding.

DIY projects are challenging yet enjoyable aspects of wedding planning. Stay creative and be resourceful! When the wedding day arrives, you’ll look around at all the hard work you and your partner put together. You can feel proud of yourselves and wholeheartedly celebrate your love.

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