6 Simple Modern Mom Fashion Hacks

When I became a momma of one I made the typical first time mom choice to go with a diaper bag full of teething rings, food, toys, diapers, etc. Then I carried a purse full of my pre-mom necessities, and a work bag everywhere. As you can imagine, I looked like the bag lady every single day. Between work, errands, and my little, I was exhausted, looking a wreck, and carried terrible tension in my shoulders. Baby number two came along, and I made the contentious decision that I would look and feel great about myself while toting kids and shedding the bag lady title.

In this post, I will go over 6 simple fashion hacks that will make your life much easier and much more fashionable. Whether you are a first time mom, or a mom of many, you deserve to look and feel your best. After all, “momming” is hard work and not feeling your best while multi-tasking just seems to drain your confidence to complete your daily tasks with full success. Yes, fashion really does make a difference.

FASHION HACK 1: Ditch the Purse

So most of you are going “NO EFFIN’ WAY I CAN CRAM MY LIFE IN A CLUTCH OR TINY CROSSBODY.” and I say “YES YOU CAN!” You seriously only need your keys, ID, credit card, cash, phone, and lipstick. Ladies, you must simplify your life, and if you just cannot, the hacks that follow will give you a little leverage.



The solution when less is not more. I am all for learning to haul less, but if you must tote a few more items, The functional backpack is where it’s at. I use my backpack as a diaper bag and work bag in one. The best part of using a clutch or cross-body as your day bag is that you can fit it in your backpack and just carry it alone when you don’t need your pack contents. I carry essentials for my boys, my laptop or tablet, and several other necessary items to help me remain poised and positive throughout the day. Read on down to hack 3 and 4.


Most moms will attest that they retired their heels after babies. I say a good pair of sexy shoes always makes a woman feel good. Keep your heels, wedges, stacks, etc. but find a good pair of comfortable, yet fashionable flats to carry in your backpack. I leave the house feeling like a boss in a great pair of shoes, and often come home feeling comfortable and accomplished in another great pair of shoes, my flats.


Dry shampoo is a mommy must. It may be TMI but my roots get sweaty in the summer months when running all of my daily errands. I praise the creation of dry shampoo! Talk about an instant refresher, oil eliminator, and volume booster. I can’t leave home without it. Keep giving your hair the boost it needs to stay Victoria Secret status throughout the day with your favorite dry shampoo. I am using Clean Freak Tapioca right now and it smells divine.


We discussed in the earlier hacks that less is best when it comes to toting throughout the day. I never have to carry teething rings in my backpack because I wear teething jewelry. James can easily sooth his gums on my necklace or I can take off my teething bracelets and pass them to him while we are driving to our next mission to calm his nerves. There are so many brands out there and so many different types of brands to meet your fashion style.



I know what you are thinking, not Jersey Shore style, but jersey knit style. All you mommas know that the days of bodycon dresses and mini skirts are out the window. The thought of a pair of daisy dukes turns my stomach. Not because I think its gross, but because of the utter fear of being caught dead exposing my inner mom thighs outside of a swimsuit. I have tons of cute cotton and jersey knit tunic dresses that I will wear like a dress or pair with leggings. Not only does it step up the fashion, but I stay comfortable all day long.
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