7 Best Restaurants in Natchez

There are so many great things about Natchez, Mississippi and with out a doubt, the food is one of them. I visited so many wonderful restaurants and not one of them failed to impress. While the food was amazing, one thing definitely stood out, the culture and mood of each establishment. 


Good Morning Get Ups

I got to experience two of Natchez’s best breakfast nooks. Both were very unique in their clientele and offerings.

  • Natchez Coffee Company

The Natchez Coffee Company has been in it’s downtown location for over 15 years. I had the pleasure of visiting this hot spot for fresh brew and local news early on a Friday morning. It was immediately clear that the Natchez Coffee Company is the AM social stop for the town of Natchez on their way in to their 9 to 5.

After placing my order, I relaxed in a cozy spot with a window that overlooked downtown Natchez. The breakfast was hot, fresh, and completely delightful! While enjoying the atmosphere and eats, owner Sharon Brown stopped by my table as she took a quick break to mingle amongst her customers. It is clear that she takes special care to ensure that her food is not only delicious but that her customers feel at home. She told me that one morning, they had 7 countries represented in the shop. As I looked around and watched the customers greeting each one another by name and shaking hands, I immediately felt a sense of home in Natchez.

  • Steampunk Coffee Roasters

Steampunk Coffee Roasters has to be the most unique coffee house I have ever been to! Linda, the owner, clearly has an artistic entrepreneurial mindset that relays perfectly in the environment of her shop. From the atmosphere to the cool, hip customers, this place is java jiving!

The centerpiece of this historic tavern is the amazing copper espresso machine. It caught my eye as soon as I walked in! Such a majestic and beautiful machine that spits out the freshest coffee in an instant. I was delighted with the unusual menu and really had no idea what to expect when I ordered the Steampunk Bliss, a muffin, and a drink. My coffee and muffin were freshly made with mouth-watering aromas but the Steampunk Bliss oddly arrived in a medicine bottle. I guess the packaging is fitting for and order of chocolate covered espresso beans.


Mid-Day Eats

After my invigorating morning explorations, I needed to refuel. These three mid-day eats will revitalize the weary traveler.

  • The Camp

The Camp is a great lunch spot with juicy fresh burgers and cold microbrew craft beers. Owner, Mike Wagner, perfectly accomplished a hip ambiance within the walls of the old historic building, one of 20 buildings still standing at the infamous Natchez Under The Hill.

They have an appetizing assortment of sliders and as a cheese fry connoisseur, I was in heaven when I received my layered, ranch topped fries. Their bar had a relaxing, upbeat feel, perfect for a football Sunday hangout or mid-day lunch meeting.

  • The Castle Restaurant and Pub

Talk about a premiere brunch experience, nothing tops The Castle Restaurant which happens to be the old carriage house located on the historic Dunleith Home property. Their buffet brunch and upscale white towel service had me feeling like a southern debutante.

I am pretty sure I had almost one of everything on this southern, home style buffet filled with aromas from fried chicken, spinach & cheese, southern green beans, squash casserole, and much, much more. I enjoyed a pomegranate mimosa while overlooking the beautiful Dunleith pool and taking in the unique castle-like decor of the restaurant.

Evening Supper

One thing is for sure, there isn’t a shortage of dinner minglings and nightlife in Natchez. These three restaurants provided memorable experiences with very different feels.

  • Rolling River Bistro

In the mood for live music? Rolling River Bistro, in a historic downtown Natchez building built in 1873, has a nightly band and one of the best ribeyes I have ever experienced. FOR REAL! Upon arriving into Natchez, I was super hungry so I decided to take a quick walk on over to the River City Bistro where I was enthusiastically greeted by Michael, the owner. I chose a table in the front where I could enjoy the sounds of Big Drew and Bubbadelic.

I enjoyed a glass of wine and a scrumptious table full of garlic shrimp, deviled eggs, fried turnips, and a ribeye steak. The ribeye was as tender as butter and very juicy. The garlic sauce on the shrimp was so tasty that I sopped up every ounce with the table bread and could have even licked my fingers clean. Sounds very unladylike but I am for real guys! The shrimp and steak are a must-have should you decide to visit this dinner spot.

  • Magnolia Grill

This restaurant is located in the heart of Natchez Under the Hill, right on the Mississippi river and let me tell you, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful nighttime scenes in Natchez from the Magnolia Grill at night. While the environment is pristine, there is no need to get all fancied up. The vibe here is very cozy and super laid back.

After having a Ribeye the night before, I was in steak mode and decided to try my favorite style of steak, the filet mignon with a ceasar salad and bayou egg rolls. The filet was equally as satisfying and the egg rolls and salad topped it off! Magnolia Grill is known for their regional cuisine with offerings such as fresh, Mississippi farm raised catfish and fresh Gulf seafood.

  • Natchez Brewing Co. & High Street Tacos

This is definitely a favored family spot in Natchez. Owner Lisa Miller’s Natchez Brewing Company was chosen for the Best Brews in Mississippi in a popular mechanics magazine. They create their own brews in the big vats located just next to the bar!

If you want to try several of their local beers, but can’t drink a whole 16 oz cup of each, you can try a sampler of the 4 that seem most interesting! I tried several unique brews, two of which were sours. Surprisingly, this was the first time I have ever tasted a sour style beer. Very refreshing, flavorful, and interesting!

Yes, I DID say that this is a family spot. Located on the grounds of Natchez Brewing Company are a games ground for outdoor family fun and the High Street Tacos truck. It’s the perfect set up. Your kiddos can play yard games while the family enjoys Mexican street foods and great brews.

Jim, the owner, insisted on whipping up his best recipes and I am so glad he took the reigns. I enjoyed his delicious street corn bowl, pork and pico flauta, pork tacos, and deep fried avocados. Not only does he feed the hungry mouths at the Natchez Brewing Company, but he caters and is able to serve on the go with his super retro cool streamline!

After trying these 7 restaurants, I am dying to get back to Natchez to explore other eateries. Not one of these places disappointed and every single one of them had their own style and unique environment. Have you been to Natchez? If so, which restaurants are you favorite? Please leave them in the comments below. I know I will be revisiting this cute, quaint small town and while I will definitely be back to my favorites above, I would love to try out some new spots!

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  1. 10.12.18
    Darla said:

    I like all of the restaurants that you mentioned but you need to go to Pearl St. Pasta. I love the Pesto shrimp pasta. Also, I like Cotton Alley restaurant. When I’m there I usually get the redfish or barramundi. Both are delish!

    • 10.13.18
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      I did hear about both and would love to try them out when I come back. I am a huge shirmp, pesto, and pasta fan so putting them all together sounds delish!!! I also love fish and have never had barramundi so I will put that on my list for when I come back as well!