A Mother’s Day Special : God’s Greatest Gift

 As Mother’s Day comes to a close, I reflect on my beautiful day with my little boy, husband, and family, as well as what it means to me to be a Mother. 

Today started off with the pitter patter of my little boy’s feet running down the hall screaming “MOMMY! MOMMY! I got you a credit card!” He had a card in his hand so I assumed he was speaking about the Mother’s Day card until I opened it and saw a gift card to A Pea in the Pod. My hubby knows that I am at the point in my pregnancy where I am shoving myself in my regular clothes so they got me a card to go and treat myself to some designer maternity garb.
We then loaded up and went to church as a family. We pulled into the church parking lot and my little sweetness screamed “YAY!!!! We here to see JESUS!” A smile peered across my face as I silently thanked the Lord. When I was pregnant with Jack, I prayed and prayed that the Lord would guide me to fulfill, what I decided was my new purpose upon becoming a mom, to make my boy a solider of the Lord. He knows Jesus and loves Jesus. In that instant, I felt accomplished and an overwhelming sense of God’s presence filling my heart as if he was granting me yet another beautiful Mother’s Day gift.
After church, we went to visit our family for lunch and to exchange Mother’s Day wishes. I even squeezed a bridal makeover into the day. I know, I know… I am a YES girl. It is hard to turn away business, even on a holiday but it only took an hour out of my day and I am always honored to play a small part in someone’s happily ever after.
 My day wound down with Jack and I watering flowers, riding his bike down the sidewalk, giving Harley a bath, and is now coming to a close as I write this post. Now for the deep stuff……
When I moved out of my parents house and went to college, I found that the holidays became less exciting and important. Those special days that I would prepare for as a child, making special cards and crafts for my mother or father, coloring eggs for my Easter basket, baking cookies for Santa, or planning my birthday party list seemed to have lost their pizazz. I noticed that life was becoming very dull. It would actually make me very sad when I would think about it. Where is the twinkle that lived in my eyes when I was such a young girl? Is it normal to loose sight of it? Is it just growing up?
It wasn’t until Jack came into my life that the festive feelings came back to me, but in a whole new way. I celebrate each holiday in thanksgiving for the blessings that God has given me. I celebrate the holiday’s for their true meaning. One of the most special days is Mother’s Day. Getting to experience it as a child spoiling momma to show her gratitude is one thing, but experiencing it as a Mother is surprisingly very similar. I find myself showing gratitude but not to Jack, to my awesome God who gifted him to me. I am so very thankful that I get to be his mom.
I have caught myself staring at him several times in awe…and I want to say because he is mine, but I know better because of past experiences with the loss of my little brother. He is not mine or even my creation, he never will be. He is the Lord’s but the Lord gave his soul to me to keep and teach while I accompany him on his journey that we will share together as long as I am here to walk beside him. And until my time comes, I will savor every moment that I get to watch him in awe, every warm hand hold, every tender hug, every time he comes to me for help, or says, “Mommy! Momma!” or even just plain “Mom.” I will savor every minute because Mother’s Day for me is not just one day. It will be a celebration for the rest of my life. One that I am very thankful for.
SHOUT OUT TO A FELLOW MOMMA: Laura Boswell of Walking in Memphis in High Heels. Our little ones are the same age and it has become a tradition to do a little Mother’s Day shoot together.


Happy Mother’s Day to my mommas, my grandmothers, and all of my fellow females out there!


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