A New Decade of Health and Happiness

Here’s to a new decade of health and Happiness in 2020! In this post, I will share 3 simple ways to start the new decade on the right track with me. This isn’t just a new year, it is a new decade so lets make more than one change!

Achieve Success

If you have been wanting to make a drastic change with work or your lifestyle, 2020 is the year to do it. We are entering a new decade and it is time to take all of your dreams and aspirations, and will them into fruition! I have promised myself that I will complete my Confident Boss course in the first quarter of the year to expand in my business consulting portfolio. In the new decade,  have also set my sites to achieve a PhD goal. Now is the time to make your dreams attainable. What are you planning to conquer in this decade? I would love to hear all about it in the comments of this post. Or, if you need a mentor/ help cultivating new ideas for this exciting time, I am here for that as well. Come on! Let’s get a motivational chat sparked in the comments below!

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Health From the Inside

I have been taking the GNC4U customized day and night vitamin packs and I have never felt better. At GNC4U.com, you will have the opportunity to answer questions about your health, lifestyle, and concerns so that GNC can recommend a vitamin pack that will not only support your lifestyle, but help to address your concerns. This is what the customized pack looks like that will arrive in your mailbox after you take the free personalized GNC4U quiz. I have been taking mine for the past month and LOVE the results. More energized days and deeper sleeps throughout the nights! I am feeling more well rested and ready to take on 2020.



Be Kind to Yourself

With access to everyone else’s life in the palms of our hand, it is easy to compare and judge. Often times, we begin to feel that we have not achieved or that we are behind. I know this feeling all too well. In the influencer industry, I am constantly benchmarking myself against my fellow bloggers and before I know it, I begin to lose my authentic voice and sell myself short to keep up with the Jones. In the end, insecurity sets in and misery lurks. In 2020 I am celebrating me! No more benchmarking of of others achievements. This month I am creating storyboard art for the next decade and am hanging it in my office so that every time I become discouraged, I can look up and remember, I am enough, I have amazing ideas, and I am a boss!


Want to create your own story board?

  1. Create a list of the things you want to achieve.
  2. Create a list of adjectives that describes the overall mood you would like evoke.
  3. Now, be kind to yourself. Make a list of all of the things that you love about you.
  4. Grab some poster board and magazines. Cut out images, words, and colors that represent the things you have written down on all 3 lists.
  5. Make a collage on your poster board and frame it for your office!

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